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And I was looking forward to a ride this weekend.....sigh....

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by DeeG, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Another freeking fire.

    Skyline fire is officially out, Rock Hill (McNeil Canyon) is still going strong and now Mills Canyon is burning up. Entiat River Rd is closed, Swakane Canyon is closed, Burch Mtn is closed. Folks up Nahahum Canyon are getting worried that it'll crest and head that way.

    So, for any of you wanting to come out and ride Burch Mtn and the immediate area, it ain't gonna happen for a week or two.

    Basically anywhere east of Chumstick Mtn is closed for the forseeable future.

    And I have heard through the grapevine that the fire is expected to burn down to the highway, so 97A might even be closed for a time.

    For updates, check Chelan County EM's FB page, they're doing a great job of updating stuff.