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And this is why I can't stand most used car salesmen

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by FIREBLADE01, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. shelbyguy

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    bet your hating that.

    that bike was fucking sorted mang.
  2. The bike will get new life with the help of a 954 that is going in the place of the other motor that was destroyed.
    At least enough was damaged to not make it a candidate for repair.
    Si it will be back out soon.

  3. Acctually it is going like I expected it too everybody has an opinion wrong or right it's what happens.
    And my point on this in the first place was that I didn't appreciate someone taking advantage of a bad situation.
    And as I told him I didn't need to pay him at all my bike was standing and not involved in the wreck I did it because I could.
  4. The problem is, it ain't up to you to decide how that repair gets made, who does the work, or how much it costs. That's the way the law works, and it would be the same for you if the tables were turned. Crashing uninsured bikes into other people's shit is an expensive hobby.
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    :mfclap: "Judge Judy" +1

    Good catch :mfclap: +1

    Just a thought, wouldn't it have been cheaper had you taken the repair money (apparently you have extra, money that is) and applied it toward insurance (at least liability) in the "First Place."
    Frankly the guy wasn't too bad, because if he would have hit one of my vehicles YOU would not have taken them anywhere for estimates.

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  6. Yeah right, if it was an insurance company they'd be dictating how much the owner of the car is going to get!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yah well hindsight is so easy and as for I wouldnt have taking it anywhere than you be stuck with your own repair.
    I took it a mayor shop here in town not someones back yard.
    Plus it was a car in a car lot not someones 69 Vette fully restored lets keep in in reality here.
    By law and I went thru this I can pick the estiment as long it puts things back to where it was before the accident nothing more.
    And that is what will be done in this case he has the money from here its his choice what he does.
  8. You've got it ass backwards. Its his car, HE gets to decide which estimate he wants to use for the same work. YOU get to pay for it. If he decides to pick the higher estimate and then pocket the money without fixing it thats his right.

    If it worked the way your thinking, then when someone hits your car they can just tell you to take it to Maicos crapomatic car repair because thats what they want to pay for. It don't work that way.

    He has you (or your son) by the short hairs, you don't have him by the short hairs. Sorry.

    And I really hope your son is O.K.
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    If I had walked away yes he would have had to go after my son for what the only thing he owned just slid down the road so what hire a lawer and get what more of nothing wow that is a fantastic choice.
    By law and this came from the cop on the sceene and the lawer I talked to I had to AND I HAVE SAID IT MANY TIMES MAKE HIM WHOLE AGAIN.
    The work that would have been done to the car by the bodyshop I said was to replace the bumper not repair it that was all that got damaged.
    What more do you think I needed to do paint the car give him new interior what.
    Thanks for the last sentence he will be ok. We do agree on that what happend was bad for everyone involved but his back will heal and the car will be fixed
  10. Sorry, that the whole thing happened to you.

    I would just be happy that my son was ok. I know when he gets old enough he will ride too. He is 13 and already talking about getting a Ninja 250.
    Car salesmen, Well they are what they are. Machines can be replaced. Let's get some lube on that next throttle cable ehh?
  11. Oh we will do more than that but you are right I am very happy he was ok there is nothing like watching your son or daughter wreck in fron of you and there is nothing you can do about it.
    Well I believe he is learning from his father.
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    It's irresponsible to leave your driveway without insurance. It doesn't take hindsight to know right from wrong. It's "Hunky-Dori" that your assuming responsibility. The bottom line is if one of my vehicles becomes damaged due to others negligence, my insurance company will pay the claim. ( I have under/uninsured coverage). They Will then go after the responsible party, and no you have nothing to say about it. I will take my vehicle to a Dealer, (the most expensive) and two other top "tier" repair shops. (not Maaco hence three estimates) Neither you nor your son their uncle mother or brother, would have anything to do with estimates or any contact with myself other than the day of the accident. Your dealings would be with my insurance company (whom I pay dearly) or the "Accident Investigation Officer" of the Agency that did the investigation.
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  13. NO YOU CAN'T!!

    And just so you are ABSOLUTELY clear, you putting it back to where it was before, is a car that doesn't have a dent from your son's motorcycle! "nothing more, nothing less."

    Oh yeah, and "making him whole" means, HE takes HIS car where HE wants and YOU pay for broken bumper, back to where he was before your son blew around the cor......I mean before the throttle was stcuk open.
  14. I don't know, all this talk of who owes who money. But at the beginning, when my throttle sticks, I immediately grab neutral, shut the key off and pull over. I don't seem to ride it out and see where I go. I've built a bunch of hot rods and throttles do seem to get stuck once in awhile and in them, a whole bunch bigger, I also throw them into neutral and either work the throttle loose or pull over. Just me, I guess. No damage to anyone.
  15. Bumpers aint cheap anymore. They are all plastic and can't just be repaired or straightened as you would think. Removal of old bumper prolly an hour of time. Prep and matching paint plus paint job a few more hundred. Then installing another hour then you get into disposal and tax etc. I'd say $1200 is in the ball park. Labor aint cheap at any autobody shop.
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    I would have more sympathy for the guy if he hadn't started off with the "NO Good Salesman." Where does one get off complaining about fixing their mistakes. FatMatt nailed it the first time, and the responsibility falls to the person who was negligent. The owner of the damaged vehicle has no responsibility or obligation to accommodate you, it's the other way around...:secret:
  17. Yamaha 3 wheeler thru a puddle 20 or 30 below zero throttle sticks wide open somehow bucks me off heads for the busiest intersection in town no insurance but then Christine decides to turn around and finish me off so at full throttle the damned thing ran over me. My point who insures a three wheeler but as it headed for that intersection my internal abacus was whirring, luckily it turned around and just ran over me.
  18. Well you are right the responsibility was on me which is why I took it and paid I am not sure where Maico ever came in because I wouldnt sent my worst enemy to them the bodyshop I went to has nothing to do with them.
    I took care of what I needed too that was my whole point all along.
    Just dont appreciate people taking free rides and advantage of someone elses misfourtune I took care of my resposibility nothing more nothing less.
    I pay insurance on many vehicles I own just had not gotten to the bikes yet and it isnt required by law either so if you want to bitch do it to the people who don't require insurance on bikes in WA State.
  19. No Dude.
    It wasn't an act of legislation that made your son get on an uninsured bike and pile it into a parked car. There were several ways you could have avoided this entire scene, but rather than avail yourself to any of them, you decided to risk it, and lost. Now you're whining that the damaged party is trying to screw you, which is hilarious, because you clearly have not the dimmest idea of how damage claims work. (And no, you don't get extra credit for agreeing to pay damages. It's the freaking law. Be glad you aren't ass-deep in an injury lawsuit right now, because it would cost you a fucking fortune.)

    You wanna teach a real lesson? Man up, pay up, move on.
  20. Fireblade... you're yelling at someone to "go back to law school"? Really?

    Everyone else EXCEPT YOU has been right thus far. If you don't own the property, you don't get to determine where it's repaired. I'm laughing at how wrong you are currently. It's quite funny.

    That's the point of getting multiple estimates. Repair facilities do charge different rates, and the court/judicial system would obviously throw out an estimate for $10k to repair something that the 2 other estimates say $3k on, but for you to think you get to pick a crappy shop because they say $1k instead is ridiculous. You have almost no say in the matter. Please come to grips with reality here.

    And for the lawyer and officer to tell you to "make him whole", you should listen to them. They're not telling you that you get to pick how that's done... they're telling you to make sure it happens so your ass doesn't end up getting sued.

    And it's funny that you still believe your son's story. It's already been said up above: "How does a throttle get stuck *wide open* if the rider wasn't at full throttle"?

    Given your obvious "I'm right" mentality, your questionable ethics, and your seeming need to tell others "what's going to happen" (as if you were somehow in control of the situation), please remind me to not go on a ride with you.