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Animals attack

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Wheelietime, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Today there was a rash of suicide bombings by the idaho bird association in protest of all the speedy motorcycles cruising the area lately. I was just wondering if anyone has any good animal stories. I've had a few...... I was attacked by a small bird in my right shoulder at 160ish, I had an owl hit the top of my helmet after making a bad decision to leave his fence post late at night, I've cought a male pheasant in my lap that just didn't make it accross the road and decided to take flight just as I approached, and the best one of all.....I jumped a coyote while heading back from granite rock, bastard laid down in the road in fear as I rounded the corner so I slipped the clutch and luckily got the front end up high enough to clear him at 50mph or so and cought some air when the back tire hit his ribs, or head, or ass, or whatever the hell he was trying to kill me with. Luckily I haven't had any run in's that caused me to bail or crash. How bout ya'll?
  2. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Ahahaha! Those are awesome stories!

    My first stoppie was when a black cat ran in front of me one night. I am superstitious as all hell.

    Not much else for me. Had a friend who bought a used ZX-12 (Can't remember the year, but it was the same blue as Bean's if that gives it away). Was taking a corner at night 50mph when a pack of dogs from a nearby neighborhood ran across the road (I know, sounds unbelieveable, but trust me). He tried to take a wide corner, but slipped and hit the gravel, and the bike went sliding off dead center into a set of railroad tracks. The bike was fine, but his arm was broken, so he couldn't get his bike back up and out.

    In the time it took to walk to a phone and get his friend to bail him out, a train already came by. Pictures to follow once I get him to send them to me again.

  3. I dislike deers and SUV's.
  4. I'm the one Lucky was talking about. She was a beautiful 2002 blue ZX-12R with a Muzzys full titanium exhaust system, K&N air filters, and a mapped brain box to the tune of 185rwhp.

    So, yeah, I was coming home late at night (like 2am) from work out in the Arizona boonies and I decided to take a different way home from work. It was a moonless night and there are no street lights out where I worked. I was coming to a"?-shaped" turn and I slowed down into the initial right, getting ready to slow more and make the left turn when a pack of dogs or coyotes or something came at me from the left.

    I freaked out, hit the brakes, the back tire started skidding, almost high-sided it and ended up off the road (to the inside) through the dirt/sand, across the road and into the train tracks. The tracks threw me from the bike and I broke my left wrist. I got up and lifted the bike up. Couldn't push it backwards because of the railroad ties and my wrist, so I thought I was smart and I'd ride the bike on the track to the next road to get it off the tracks.

    After about 15 minutes or so and only a few hundred feet, my wrist couldn't take it anymore. The bike fell over again and the adrenaline had worn off, so I couldn't get it off the tracks. I walked about a mile or so until a trucker finally picked me up. He let me use his cell phone and my friend came and got me.

    We got almost all the way out there and he realized he was almost out of gas, so we had to turn around. He ran out of gas on the way back into civilization, so I had to help push his truck. We got gas and went back and by the time we got there, the bike had been bounced by a train.

    On the bright side, I got the bike out of there before the cops could give me a ticket.

    I was going to post some pics, but I guess I'll send them to Lucky so he can host them.
  5. Wow, now that's a night you won't forget :shock:
  6. about 100,000 and counting
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    Yea...Im a killer
  7. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Here's the train aftermath photos:



  8. A few too many close calls with deer. Had one jump out in front of me about a year ago, so close I could have reached out and drug my hand across its back. Had I been in my truck and not on the bike, I would have hit it and done some serious damage to my truck.
  9. Wow! Wow! :shock:

    I have a 2002 ZX-12, also blue, and I sure hope it never looks like that one day!!!!

    Where is the bike at now? If ya still have it, I'd buy it off ya for a parts bike.
  10. Let’s see now, animal stories……

    1992, black cat
    2004, small bird
    2004, two weeks later, large owl

    Back when I owned a 1991 ZX-11, one very late evening coming back into Spokane Valley from the south, I had an encounter with a black cat. It was dark of course on this semi-country road and I was doing say, 60mph, and up in the distance I could see that this black cat was going to cross the road in front of me. Hmmm, what to do? If I brake hard, it still may not be soon enough and that could be messy, for one or both of us. If I try to turn left or right, to avoid the cat, this again could be messy for one or both of us. What the hell, just keep going straight and see what happens. Right choice! I went straight ahead and hit the cat anyway, but I survived. Lucky me!

    Last year on my way down to Walla Walla on my 2004 ZX-10R, I encountered my first ever bird strike. It wasn’t much a big deal. It hit me at the upper left corner of my shield of the Shoei helmet and was deflected from it without much effect. I was a little surprised that it really didn’t do much, but as some comedian may have said on the comedy channel, “Here’s your sign.”

    Last year, just two weeks after my initial bird strike and on Memorial Day weekend, I encountered an owl strike on the same road down to Walla Walla. As a matter of fact, it happened in my favorite canyon road or to be more specific, mile post 14 going south from Dusty, Washington. Apparently, according to all third party accounts, because I suffered a concussion, I have absolutely no direct memory of the accident. The last two things I remember is getting fuel in Colfax and walking to Sacred Heart Medical Center from the South Hill. I remember the first of these two events because I looked at the time-stamp on the fuel receipt before leaving Colfax. It was 3:53 AM on Friday; excuse me, now Saturday morning. I had filled in for someone on vacation at work and had gotten off of work at 2:30 AM in the morning and remembered thinking to myself, I feel good, not too tired, I’ll just zip on down to Walla Walla to meet my wife there, since she was already there. So, I went home, changed, and I was off to Walla Walla. What I learned later from that morning is this: my bike was found leaning against the fence at milepost 14 from Dusty with owl shit on it. The owl was also found dead at the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, I don’t remember how I got back to Spokane. Apparently, someone or some ones picked me up, took me back to Spokane, dropped me off at the 7-Eleven on Regal and 30th, and I also remember walking to SHMC and checking myself into the hospital at about 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning. I had my keys and helmet with me and that’s about all I remember. Why they or whoever dropped me off at 7-Eleven did so is beyond me. Suffering from the concussion, I may have told them that I lived there. I have no idea. Anyway, I had four posterior rib factures, a broken left scapula, a fractured spleen, and the concussion. My leather jacket was toast. I remember it being a cool morning, so I wore nylon running pants over my jeans to break the wind to stay warm, which were ripped to shreds. My Shoei helmet was very well ground down on many sides, hence the concussion. I had no exterior injuries, except for one very small scrape on my left elbow, which apparently wore through the arm of my leather jacket. All in all, I was lucky to have survived this accident. If the damage to my spleen had been just a bit more serious, I would have bleed out at the scene and died. The damage to the bike was only aesthetic, nothing functional are structural happened to the bike. It could have been ridden to wherever. But I wasn’t up to it. I was later told that that owl was somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty pounds in weight and most likely struck me in the area my spleen for the damage that occurred there and that it may have even of taken me off of the bike, but I find that difficult to believe considering the lack of real damage to the bike. I must have controlled the crash to some extent. Or, it was really just a fluke that the damage wasn’t worse.

    In any event, now, after further reflection, I’m glad that I don’t have those memories of the owl and of the whole accident with it. I don’t need them. It happened and it’s over. After two weeks off from work, fourteen physical therapy sessions, and some pain killers, I’m back, one hundred percent, full range of motion, and very well and no after affects or any pain at all. I’m so lucky. I’ve heard of stories far worse than mine. My pictures of my bike after the accident are nothing.
  11. Wow, it appears that I'm pretty luck the owl that deflected off my helmet didn't tag me in the body like it did you. Being a nurse, I know how serious splenic damage can be and you're right, your very lucky to have survived. :shock:
  12. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Wow, no doubt. I'm no specialist in the medical field, but 20-30lb flying objects hitting you = pain for a simpled minded fool like me. Way to get back on your feet after something like that!