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Another New Rider Seattle

Discussion in 'New Users' started by beamerboy, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hello All - Moved up from LA ditched my old 2007 Gixxer 600 for a screaming S1000rr. Upgrade on my ride downgrade on wallet :angry7

    I have been riding bikes for a few years now but not really an expert. I would certainly like to do some track days to improve my riding skill, too bad the the riding season is getting over here :(

    I was on the beamer website, a friend told me about this, so here I am. Hope to ride with you guys before it starts snowing :scared

  2. Welcome and pics of your bike please! :)

  3. Welcome to the site. There are a couple of track days left (Sept. 27th & 28th and Oct. 20th & 21st at The Ridge near Shelton).

    +1 on the pics too.
  4. Here you go...more pix when i get home


    Video of my S1k on dyno
  5. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, nice bike, that pipe looks loud.
  6. Welcome! The riding season here doesn't end - it just gets wetter.
  7. It is pretty loud, i pity the two cars in my garage that go off every time i pass them on my way matter how slow i go the alarm keeps goin off :nana
  8. Thanks....good that my bike has Rain mode, will have to see if they come out with snow mode :)
  9. Welcome Sam.
    Set of rain tires and you're good to go.

    Who are you on "the beemer site"?

    I'm Rainman on a few.
  10. No kidding, the Rain mode does work pretty good, tried it out during the last track day I went to on Sept 9th at The Ridge (just my luck, the only rainy day around here over the past 50+ rain free days).

    Heard they were working on a Snow mode for the next generation bike, apparently it involves a set of training wheels, j/k. :smile:

  11. Hey Rainman you had introduced me to Nels through s1krr forum, the video that i posted above is of Nels on the dyno.....thanks for hooking me up, Nels is the best!!

    BTW beamer_boy on the S1krr forum
  12. See, old guys have memory problems.
    Nothing but good news about Nels, and glad you're happy.
  13. So you were the reason we did not make it to the's a crazy video/concept
  14. Welcome to the Party :mfclap: Nice bike too and damn another one of us that escaped SoCal hehe:evil4:
  15. welcome. let me know if you want to ride sometime. i just moved up here too, so don't know anybody.
  16. What's wrong with your bike in the video? I hear the motor revving, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere?:scratchea
  17. Welcome! Nice bike! Good to see the California exodus continues. I'm originally from NorCal ( Bay area ). Ride safe, don't feed the trolls and hope to see you at a bike night sometime.
  18. That's the power of German engineering!
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