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Another New Rider's ride? Interested?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Clay G, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Let me know if anyone is interested in another new rider's ride starting from that spot south of St. John's Bridge - it actually worked out AWESOME!!! :mfclap:(except for a few minor hiccups :roll: )

    We would need to try to roll out a little earlier, 'cause the sun is leaving us!!! :angry7:

    Hit the same roads, do a couple little exercises, and either end at Ava's or split if you needed to (appropriately please).

    Let me know - I'm thinking Tuesday, Sept 11.

    Stay Safe everyone!!!
  2. Sounds good to me... I'll be over on the West side anyhow for to wish the half-pint a happy birthday, good excuse to grab a Helvetia burger and then hit the ride.
    :mfclap: :mrgreen:

    What time ya thinking?

  3. What time are you thinking? I work in Longview so need to when to leave by to make it.
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