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Any great roads i should ride on my trip to Montana?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by TimboSlice, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys my Dad and I are doing a father/son trip to Idaho/Montana Border area and back. It will be a 2day,1night jaunt. I would love to hear some of your recommended routes, eateries, sight seeings we should check out. Thanks!

  2. I recommend Idaho Hiway 12 from Lewiston to Missoula. Awesome ride. If you like see a warning sign stating 99 miles of winding roads, this one is for you.

  3. Yeah, pretty much take Hwy 12 all the way. The bit along the river from Lewiston to Kamiah is nice enough with all the sweepers, but Lolo Pass is flat out awesome. Lots of curves, decent pavement, only seen one cop there, ever. Biggest problem is finding places to pass RVs. And when the signs in Montana say "moose crossing" pay attention. It really is perfect habitat for them and I've seen one or two there. You do not want something the size of a horse hopping on your lap at 80+mph.

    Be sure to stop at the Lochsa Lodge for food and a break. Awesome chow. They have cabins too, probably be a fun place to stay. No idea how much they want for them, but their food and gas prices aren't unreasonable.
  4. ^^^ disagree on #12 for your dad/son trip.
    Show your dad a good ride/time, not a marathon expedition.

    no info about how / what / how far your dad rides;
    if you go into Missoula MT you're looking at probably 475 mile days and a lot of freeway coming back.

    Instead spend night in Kamiah, Orofino, Elk River, St Maries, Sandpoint (all ID) areas.
    Lake Couer-d-Alene is nice to ride around.
    Return north and westbound via WA hwy#20 to Tonasket / Omak and Wenatchee home.

  5. Lolo Pass is fun, but after the fourth time, it gets old. Too much traffic.

    There is a really nice road between ID and MT, if you're not opposed to a bit of graded dirt road. Been on this once, its paved in ID and turns to dirt at the MT border.

    OR, you could ride the OTHER Lolo Pass. This was part of our weekend route. Once you're south of Dee, it turns into a paved, one lane with turnouts. But there is a 7ish mile stretch of hardpack/gravel at the crest. Then it turns back to pavement. Took the NT700 and the NC700 over it. Piece of cake. Much more fun, and practically no traffic.


  6. Sounds like a great ride for my Tiger. Do you have the first NC700 in town?
  7. I never go through Lewiston without riding the Spiral Highway.
  8. Going to re-do both these roads on the GS's.

    And yes, we do. Great bike, you can practically do track stands at a stop light, performs like my 1100cc Guzzi's, and it averaged 78 mpg on this trip. And Pete was able to carry a weekends worth of stuff (clothes, toiletries, and a laptop) in the faux tank 'kangaroo pouch'.
  9. 78 mpg???????!!!! How is that possible?
  10. Three tanks at 83 mpg. Farking unbelieveable. Guys in Europe who are 'trying' to get high mileage are doing 85-90 mpg. I was on an NT, and the best I could do was 67.

    Makes me not want to ride my Rebel anymore. What's the point? I can ride a 700cc bike and still get the same mileage that my 250cc gets. Only I have enough umph to get out of my own way.... :scratchea
  11. If you go north Molson is worth the trip if you have time, it's a nice ride along the border. The Falls Tavern at milepost 8 on Highway 57 near Priest Lake is worth a look the Deli sandwiches are great, and the pizza smelled pretty good too. Thompson Falls has been our turn around, there was a little bit of construction this summer on Thompson pass, but I'd bet that's over now.

    Enjoy your ride!
  12. Thanks guys i totally forgot to check this thread for your input! I am leaving tomorrow AM, and i guess we are just going to Lake Coeur d'Alene. My dad and I both felt we should keep it manageable on our first overnight trip. If anyone is interested this is the route we are taking! Ill try to take some pictures along the way.,2,3&t=m&z=10