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Any hangout spots

Discussion in 'Westside' started by oneshot, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Do you guys have like a general meet up spot for the weekends, I came from Alaska and on friday and Sat everone usually went to Taco Bell on the strip to bullshit and do a few group rides, i think more to bullshit but it was nice no matter what you always a reason to get a kitchen pass for Friday and Saturday nights. Anchorage is not that big but we usually had a turn out of atleast 50/60 bikes every weekend. Hopefully something around the Bremerton SIlverdale area.
  2. No one else is responding likely for the same reason as me. Don't know of any. Biggest turnouts would likely be down at Alki Beach Thursday - Sunday. I wouldn't count on finding a crowd west of the sound.
    Hope this post will get a few more views with the bump as well.

  3. I don't know of any either...we should make one...
  4. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    in terms of a meetup spot for rides, the cafe in bellevue has been the most common for some of the regulars here, ie myself, jafar, beans, kp, etc. rmc used to the tuesday spot, but that's been shut down.
  5. I was at RMC yesterday, that has to be the highst concentration of speedbumps in the western world.
  6. Tons of motorcycles always come through that Bellevue coffee shop, a lot that are on this board and a lot that arent even on the Internet.
  7. OK. So the "Cafe in Bellevue" or "Bellevue Coffee Shop". Help me out here. There are a few hundred of those in Bellevue alone. :lol:
  8. They're probably talking about Cafe Veloce - atleast I hear that name thrown around a lot.

    I wish there was a regular meet too. I'm from PA and the monthly meets in Ephrata draw 2-3000+ bikes in the summer. It's awesome to just walk around and check em out.
  9. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    No kidding! I've never understood why there doesn't seem to be a really popular bike spot in the Seattle area. A few spots where the Harley dudes hang out, but that's about it. Only place I ever see anybody is Alki, and I only recently heard about the Tuesday RMC deal...right before they shut it down! Anybody here own a bar or a restaurant or a bike shop?!?!?!! Seriously, we should officially designate a Washingtonriders hang out!
  10. How about somewhere around greenlake? During the summer, it's nice to check people out.
  11. Think i am going to just start flaggin down every sportbike rider i see and try to get something started. I am married with 2 kids so me and the wife try to find something to do seperate since we are always hanging out with each other 24/7
  12. Greenlake is a cool area. Most places have small parking lots on the north end though. There are those parking lots on the south east side of the lake, but I imagine most people would wanna hang out somewhere where there's food.

    You know there's a great burger/fish n chips place right by Golden Gardens park, which has huge sections of parking for trailers that's usually atleast 50% empty. Hmm...
  13. ... there's plenty of eye candy around there for those looking!

  14. trying to get a group together on thurs how about using this location?

    If you gather they will come :twisted: long as it's in a high traffic area
  15. You name the place Thurs night and I'll be there.
  16. I have 2 kids too...and finding time for myself doesn't always work out like I'd like... but I do find time to ride & play soccer! (Priorities, 'ya know!)

    How old are your kids?
  17. Girl is 2 and my boy will be 5 in Sept.
  18. For those of us that don't get off work until 5 or 6:00 pm, the horrorific traffic around here pretty much rules out a weeknight get together. Another factor is the weather. It is difficult to plan anything in advance for 10 months of the year due to the lousy weather. I think about the best you can do is what we have done at the Roadriders group: set a specific day of the month (in our case, the second Saturday) at a specific location and post a reminder on the board in advance.
  19. You should plan something for this weekend so that I can come and hang out with all you boys and meet you guys! I will be in town from Firday evening until Sunday afternoon. (call me: 425-891-4273)
  20. Lets try and get something together for Sat afternoon early evening, or sunday.
    whips: I have too work work most of the day saturday :cussing: