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Any interest in a Fossil ride, Tuesday, 8-14?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Wayne, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler. I would like to get an early start, maybe 8:00 am, and have lunch in Fossil. Probably just double back but there are options.
    It would be important that anyone I go with be pretty experienced and well equipped. I ride slow in the straights and have fun in the turns.
  2. I would be all over this if I lived closer. I love the Fossil area!! Great roads out there and beautiful scenery! Have fun when you go. :)

  3. Half the fun of a Fossil run done right is getting across the Cascades. Well it is for me anyway. What plans have you in that regard?
  4. The typical Fossil ride is just to go over Mt. Hood, 48, Maupin for gas, Bakeoven Rd, Antelope, Fossil for lunch, and double back. There are options like Dufur to 35, or Condon to Hay and Fulton Canyons and returning via the Gorge. Another option getting to Fossil is to do Shears Bridge/Liberty Lane to 97.
  5. Mike (and anyone else interested), how about 8:00 am at the Arco at the east end of Sandy?

    Anyone else?


  6. should be at Joes doughnuts in Sandy at 8:00.

    Usually ride alone....would be nice to have you all take out the deer ahead of me.

    Only hitch might be if my longtime friend must be in surgery tomorrow. In that case I will not be at Joes.

  7. Sound good to me. I'd like to try something other than the usual 224>42>48 that I usually do. Sound like you know a few alternatives
  8. Well, the Sandy to Mt. Hood stretch is a bit of a drone.
    I do have a good idea for the return.
    Look forward to meeting in the morning!
  9. Wayne, have fun, be safe. You'll be jealous of me...I'm at district office ALL DAY working!
  10. lSplit from Wayne and Crippy at Govt Camp.

    Went 26 to Kaneta road to Waupanita, Tygh Valley, Grass Valley, Shaniko, Maupin and to PDX.
  11. Al, thanks for joining us if even for a short time. We made it to Fossil for lunch and got politely lectured by a sheriff there that he had reason to believe we were speeding. We went to Condon, Hay and Fulton Canyons, Sevenmile Road into Mosier for ice cream, crossed the River at Hood River and did some back roads into Vancouver. It was warm but not stiffling. I enjoyed every 400 miles of the ride!
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