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Any of you retreads read the Cycle World Shootout????

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. :book: Just wondering if anyone has read the shootout in the latest Cycle World? It's the 10R vs. Gixxer K5 vs. the MV. They gave the nod to the 10R. The gixxer's weakness appears to be the rear shock!?!?!?!
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    what's a retread?

  3. No suprise the shocks a POS. But who cares what cycleworld says.
  4. And Kawi has never sent out "special" bikes for demo either :p
  5. I can't remember which issue it was, but when they reviewed the 10R their was a negative comment about the mirrors but the author basically said who cares and wrote that:
    should be printed on the mirrors of the 10R anways.

    I wanna make a T-Shirt outta this one-liner. :lol:
  6. well, if you have to ask...
  7. The answer is what beans puts on his bike.

    n : a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new
    treads [syn: recap]
    v 1: use again in altered form; "retread an old plot" [syn: rework,
    make over]
    2: give new treads to (a tire) [syn: remold, remould]

    Retreads, according to the Tire Industry Association Association, are every bit as safe as new tires. False

    They are routinely used by school bus and commercial airline fleets, and all federal vehicles are mandated to use retreads. In the United States, approximiately 45 million scrap tires are used each year to make 24.5 million automobile and truck tire retreads each year, according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

    Retreads are used due to reduced cost and reuse the tires carcass with a RE-Tread.

    My advice do not buy them or be one unless you have a commercial fleet of vehicles

    And thats todays english lesson
    Now Back to the topic-

    Also there is a sportrider (equally shallow) review out that gives it to the gix over the kawi. Their reason is that the kawi is hard to put the power to the ground and unstable in a straight line.

    If anyone buying a 1k buys it because of a advertising magazines review they are going to be disappointed in the fall when the new bikes come out.

    All liter bikes (any mass produced pruduct)have their weakness and are always a compromise due to production costs and final price. Many of the complaints can be fixed easily some you have to live with unless you have cash to burn.

    The mirrrors suck on the new gix too from what I have heard. They shake and you get a nice view of your elbows.

    10k is a lot of cash to spend, don't take someones word or a journalists/advertising copy writers view of a new machine.If you want a new bike try them all and find one that suits your needs not what some tiny little review that is straight out of product literature. Needless to say all bikes have enough hp to more than handle the street riders needs.

    Also look at things like that are of real concern to cash limited weekend warriors rider comfort,cost and ease of consumer maintenance, gauges and useable powerband.
  8. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    hardy har har...

    how 'bout retard?
  9. This time I read the article and yeah - ZX10 still the king!! With Doug Chandler riding, 3 sec faster than Gixxer around a track! Gixxer beats ZX10 by approx 1.5 hp, torque almost identical, Gixxer faster in 1/4 by .01 sec. That's all I can remember from a quick scan of the article. Chandler said he expected more from the Suzuki.

    In the Sport Rider Magazine Honda CBR 144.1@11,250 Torque 78.6@8500
    Kawasaki ZX10R 158.4@11,500 Torque 78.3@9750
    Suzuki GSXR1000 162.1@11,500 Torque 79.8@9750
    Yamaha YZF-R1 159.8@12,750 Torque75.4@10,250

    Quarter Mile Times
    Honda 9.95@ 144.1
    ZX10R 9.78@148.5
    GSXR 9.79@ 148.4
    YZFR! 9.92@147.3