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any old school bikes out?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by yellowhawk125, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. I ride a 1975 cb125 I restored with my gramps. Its fun, yeah it aint the sports bike I want but its a good bike. I have put almost 3000 miles on it since December. You might have seen me once or so. I ride with a yellow mohawk.
  2. Hopefully I'll get to see it one of these days. Cool you restored it with your gramps. Welcome to PNW riders.

  3. DEFINE old school!!
    My OLD 95 SPARK and FUEL Duck - seems pretty old school!!
    No computers - no traction anything...
    I ride with a YELLOW lid - NO mohawk!!
    Just saying!!
    GO get the TAG!!
  4. I kick around on a Kawasaki from time to time.
  5. In that era of bike - I had a 73 or 74 Kawi 125 Enduro that I turned into an "MX" bike -
    Before that was an SL 100 Honda - AS I remember, there was the SL, the CL and road version, CB...
    Have fun out there - look for the RED Monster with the OLD guy with a Yellow Lid ....
  6. Im currently rebuiliding a cb750. Im hoping to have fully finished and back on the road next summer.

    1978 cb750 f2 supersport
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  7. Bring your CB to the annual Car and Bike show at That One Place in Port Orchard on Sunday, 11am-3pm LINKY

    You'll see me and my '74 CB450 there =)
  8. I have heard of this "that on place" and it was a lot of good I mean. Think I might show. Its by Auto Zone on PO down from walmart I think.
  9. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

  10. grabbing this old school Yamaha today! I'm going to have to put some work in to make it a decent runner and looker before I sell it. I sold a few of these when they were new while working at Lynnwood Yamaha :mrgreen:

    Its a 81 XV920RH Euro, often mistaken for a virago or called a seca...In Europe it was sold as a TR1. It only came to the US in 81/82 and instead of a cruiser stance it was a bit more of a "sport" stance and it had an enclosed chain drive vs shaft and 18" rear vs 16" on a Virago..

    Here's a shot as it sits, I will post up progress soon
  11. I've got a 1975 shovel head, bought it brand new in 1975. It is one of my get-back-on-the-road projects.
  12. I ride a 1979 gs 850 every where, ca. last year
  13. Still looking at batteries? Check out the Shorai Li. Small and light.

    ( the carpenter ants et your primary drive shaft ) :secret:
  14. That's the place. Right behind the Auto Zone and Rite Aid. Very good food indeed.

    Good point! Here ya go. "Jones"
  15. Here is the bike I rode to Vashon Island from Vancouver (WA) last year right after we finished rebuilding it. It's just about the only vintage bike I have that is still almost bone-stock. Next week the back way around the east side of Mt. St. Helens is supposed to open again to Randle, which is the route I like to take to Seattle, via US12 west to Morton and the north on 7 through Elbe to Spanaway. If I'm in town and the weather is nice I'll probably ride it up for the next Backfire Moto night:

  16. Shoot I wanna, my bike is maybe not pretty enough for a show haha...I ride it everyday! I work tomorrow to...shit!
  17. I know that bike the "ghost flame paint job " on the car..wait.....:scratchea8)
  18. RD 400, hell yes, love those bikes!! I had a brand new RZ 350 in high school back in the day. Love the sound of a RD/RZ on expansion chambers, soooooooo nasty!
  19. I like what you've done to her! Pedestrian cutter is a nice touch as are the wrapped pipes. Are those the short shocks? Looks good!8)
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