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Any suggestions for choosing a new sprocket set?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Hardly A. Thefe, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I am looking to install a different sprocket set on my FZR600 because I am a poor college student who can't afford a newer bike...

    I have read up on a few different FZR forums but no one has reviewed the outcome of their sprocket install, which is usually to go from a 530 to a 520 and either up 2 in the rear or just drop 1 in the front. I am looking for more acceleration and don't care too much about dropping my top speed, but would like to not completely molest my gas mileage in the process. I was looking to get a Vortex Racing 520 Front and Rear Sprocket, and to drop 1 in the front and up 2 in the rear.... does this seem too drastic? I only know 2 other people who have changed out their sprockets and the one who got this exact setup was on a 96' Katana and he noted that it was quite a difference with his acceleration, but not enough that the front end was getting light or anything. Any advice prior experience or suggestions that people have would be appreciated.
  2. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    With a DID Chain!!!

  3. Dont go too drastic first time around, plus keeping in mind you want to become kind to your recommendation:

    Drop only one tooth off the front, that will add more bottom end and take away from your maximum overall speed only.

    As far as brand, I prefer stock sprockets. You could find if there any Yamaha sprockets that would fit your moto, otherwise Renthal and Sprocket Specialist are good aftermarket choices.

    I chose to stick with stock because they can be had for very very cheap with barely any use, and while they cost more brand new, they do seem to last longer IMHO.
  4. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Sprocket specialist is actually pretty Good too. They charge you about $1 a tooth! Which is actually pretty cheap compared to others.
  5. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i went -1 in the front, +2 in the rear. If i had to do it again, I think i would do -1/plus1. Not a huge difference... In top gear, i'm runnin 7000rpm at 70mph, so that's kind of high. on my trip to seattle, at 8000rpm, i was gettin 40mpg.

    I used Vortex sprockets and an RK 520 chain.
  6. I went 2 down in the front because I wanted a stuntable bike, its harsh on the mileage, but fun as shit to ride. Id definitely say the -1/+1 or -1/+2 is a good route. Mine isnt the best on long trips, but great in town as I can chug at less than 5 mph with the clutch out.

  7. just an fyi, one in front is worth 5 in back. I always just adjusted the front because I wanted an immediate difference and changing one or two teeth in the rear was kinda like splitting hairs. What I would do is go one down in the front...try it out for a couple of miles and then see if you want to change it before buying the new chain and rear sproket. This will save you money if you hate the change or want more of a change. Just don't ride very many miles with a new sproket and old chain. You'll damage your new shiny :shock:
  8. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i heard 1 inthe front is worth 2.5 in the back... i was actually thinkin about buying a second sprocket for the rear for long trips like if i were to go to monterey just for mileage reasons...
  9. it kinda depends on what you're starting with, but it's basic math

    45 rear divided by 12 front = 3.75

    45 rear divided by 11 front = 4.090

    49 rear divided by 12 front = 4.083

    so in this case the one down in the front was worth a hair over 4 in the rear. so I stand corrected 1 in front = 4ish in back.

    Man I hate it when I have to think after I've just gotten out of bed at 4pm :lol:
  10. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    The ratio is different from bike to bike! Length of chain, size sprocket in front, size of sprocket in rear, etc.... the average is anywhere from 2-4 if you go down 1 in front to the rear!
  11. Vortex are Junk

    Get a renthal or afam

    Chain any decent chain will do since your not carring that much hp.

    I would get a DID-

    You can go to sprocket specials and they have kits pretty cheap with different configurations of chains and sprockets. Stay away from the cheap aluminum vortex stuff it wears quick.
  12. Thanks for the advice. The problem that I have been running into is that not too many manufactures either make or offer new sprocket sets for my bike. I found 3 or 4 companies that offer sprockets for the FZR but several were only stock replacements, the two I could easily locate were the Venom kits and RK kits... I ended up going w/ the venom front and rear because I could actually specify what I wanted for the rear. I went with -1 in the front and + 1 in the rear. I got a new RK chain w/ it too. I tried to read up as much as possible on what other people had done to their FZR's from the FZRArchives but only a few companies kept coming up. I hope the venom aren't as crappy as LRG makes them out to be.

    On another note, after getting the bike out of storage and back over here to pullman it has been giving me little fits and problems. The battery was drained (my fault... turned the fork lock over a bit too far and left the rear light on all night) and I couldn't get it to charge (thanks again for the people at bike night who gave me a push across the parking lot to get her started) there goes a bit of money to Palouse Motorsports... then I replaced the clutch cable and during the install found that in the past 4 years, my air filter has disappeared... another chunk of change goes to Palouse Motorsports... then after Skier's suggestion of using some Marvel Mystery Oil in w/ my gas to help clean out my carbs before we start to do some work on it, my plugs got fouled and she was pissy when I was attempting to get her started... and finally... today I was riding w/ Skier, Tiquila Bob and Trixy to meet up w/ Wheelie Time at Spiral Highway. Nope, not for me.... I get hit w/ a kamakizee bird that darts across the highway and pegs my right fairing while I was doing 65... it hit so hard that it broke the top mounting bracket on the fairing and well... the wind did the rest... ripped the damn thing right off the bike and it slid across the pavement and into the ditch... yep, I lost a fairing at 65... wasn't too fun. So I am going to be riding her as a street fighter until I can either repair the fairing or pick up a new one off of ebay...

    Anyone have any suggestions or know someone who wants to buy a 96' fizzer?
  13. rk makes good chains-venom? you mean vortex

    Anyway you will be ok its just if its an aluminum rear you won't get the life you would out of steel
  14. if ya need help repairing the fairing, gimme a holla. I've repaird my fair share over the years :shock:

    we missed ya on the hills bud !! And I keep hearing about this Trixie character, but so far all I've seen is talk and no riding :lol:
  15. Thanks man! I went to walmart to see if I could get some fiberglass or something and I found an epoxy kit designed for hard plastics. I picked it up and tried it out on the faring... damn near good as new! I am going to sand off the excess and then respray it semi-flat black and it should be about as good as it was before. I am also going to epoxy a few bits of metal behind it to help reinforce it from breaking again... but if it does happen, clear up some space next to your vette, ZX-11 and trucks... the fizzer is gonna get some pro quality faring repair! I hope we are going to see you and your wife at Bucer's in Moscow next wednesday!

    I plan to have it back up and totally running by monday after skier and I get back from seattle and getting him a new bike!

    Thanks for the correction, yes, it is vortex.
  16. I've used the epoxy before and it usually cracks over time. My best results have always been with fiberglass in the long run. Especially if it is on anything that can flex easily or is near a stress point like where it bolts on. When using the epoxy, just remember to sand some area around the fix so that the epoxy has more to bind to than just the initial crack. As for putting some metal in for a quick fix, I found that finish nails work quite well :thumbrig:
  17. Should I sand down the seam and fiberglass over it after it is done drying?
  18. You wouldn't want to glass over the epoxy you already put on. You would have to sand the epoxy back out of it, or the flex in the epoxy will just nullify the strength that the fiberglass has. When repairing with glass, you wanna sand a pretty good sized V into the crack, both front and back of fairing. Then you lay glass on the back side of the fairing first and let that setup. Then you can lay glass on the front side of the fairing and sand that to where it's even and flat. Then throw a light coat of bondo and sand out any imperfections. Primer and paint 8)