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anybody down for an afternoon ride today? 8/7

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Im in battleground but could meet anywhere. Thinkin of maybe cougar Carson and doubling back the same way. But I'm definetly open to other rout ideas if anybody is getting bored with this loop. Looking to meet up around 1230 and be on the road by 1245. As of now the meeting spot would be the battleground chevron, but again, open to ideas. Pace is your own, but I am by no means fast. Noob friendly ride, will stop and wait at all turn offs.
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  2. Nobody wants to riiide wiiith meee :cry:

  3. Stuck at work : (

    Be safe have fun!
  4. Dude,
    Soon as I get my bike running again, I'll slab down to Van. and go for a ride. Never done cougar/carson. I'll let you know when the bikes operational.
  5. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    Had a great time Darren. Nice meeting you. Next time we will do this route lol.
  6. We met you guys in the tight corners at the north end of 503. We were south bound on 2 Kwak 250s and a Red XR.
  7. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    That was us.
  8. Haha yea I knew it had to be you guys. That's why I gave tall a fat thumbs up haha.
  9. Likewise dude. Thanks for showing me that sweet road out of woodland. Big fun today.
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