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Anybody hear about the accident?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Gixxer6, May 4, 2005.

  1. I guess a brand new 2005 ZX10 laid his bike down pretty damn hard last night. One of my buddies that saw it said the driver was hurt pretty bad. A guy let his buddy drive it, and F**ked it up. Happened behind Quiznos and Prospectors on the north side. let me know if anybody has any info on it!!
  2. Hope the rider is alright! That sucks to hear :(

  3. and friends ask me why I don't let anyone else ride my bike. :roll:
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  4. i sow him yesterday in his car next to office dept on division. and he was taling me about the bike but he is okaaay nothing wrong with him
  5. The bike is sitting up at Westside right now, an easy total. Lee in service took me out to the back and showed me the 10 and faaack. If it wasnt raining, I would have taken a pic of it.

    The story as it was told to me, guy a few days ago purchased and financed a brand new red 10r, didnt even have insurance on it, took it home, let a friend ride it that same day, and gave it too much gas and it went end for end a few times. You can easily tell it rolled a few times.

    I would only give the triple axle spin a 9.5 as he made three complete revolutions but did not have a good landing.

    Seriously though, I guess the rider just broke his ankle, thankfully not his leg.

    Bike was taken to Westside for an estimate...

    On a side note, saw B&D17 (Brian B.) up there also and he was saying someone over at Camp just bought a brand new Suzuki SV650 and wasnt even halfway across the street of pulling out and gave it too much throttle on the turn and got into an accident with EMT and everything else.

    Got to be careful out there! Every single 2005 ZX-10R that has come out of Westside has been wrecked this year!!!
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    goddamn newbies.

    if my buddy wrecked my bike i'd kill him.
  7. There has to be at least 100ft. of skidmarks where the bike was sliding. Thats rough. The guy ended up with a compound fracture at his ancle. Is the bike even going to fixable?

    You serious about every 10r being wrecked? Thats crazy.

    P.S. Keep your bikes to yourselves :)
  8. What was lost is found...
  9. This is my second 2005 Ninja ZX10R, and yes I have laid my bike down, but from going to fast on the track. Not a total loss, and I still ride my 10R. Those bikes are super fast, just like other 1000cc bikes. If you are new or you have a friend that is a newbie, put them on a smaller bike. Just my two cents. I started with a 636, and after two years, I graduated to a 10r. I will NEVER go back to a 600cc.
  10. TSK TSK...Hope the rider is recovering.
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    come on guys...really?!

    trolling for "wrecked" must really love the drama

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