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Anybody in my area ride vintage bikes?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by jk333, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Im wondering if theres anybody in my neck of the woods (Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, Port Orchard) that rides vintage and/or cafe bikes? I think it would be kind of cool to meet some people who like vintage bikes like me. Get together for a ride maybe or just BS about old bikes. :)
  2. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    oh theres one or two. I sold my older bike.
    They will post up.

    Welcome to Planters (bunch of nutz)

  3. It would really depend on what you call 'vintage'
    VMA is always a great place to start, and the Isle of Vashon is right our your front door. Google is your friend.
  4. Yea. I have one or two older bikes.
    What ya got?
  5. I'm told it's not 'vintage' but I'm putting together a KZ400 cafe racer (with what limited talent I have). [​IMG]

  6. I like the look of that DesmoDave. That KZ400 looks vintage to me. Thats kind of what I was talking about initially. Where ya located though?
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  7. An 81 CB750
    A 74 CB750
    A 73 CB500

    Although Bremerton's a little bit of a drive from me :)
  8. Understatement of the year. I remember you giving me a quick tour, god damn.
  9. how old does it need to be to count as "Vintage"?

    I've got a 1988 Honda PC-800 ;)
  10. i ALMOST ride mine. needs another month or 2.
  11. The VME says 1974
    But most Brit owners clubs will tell you something older than that. My 73 Norton I'd call on the border...
    I have a 62 Triumph T120 I'd call Vintage.
    I have some A10 BSA's that are from the late 40's to the early 60's. Vintage.
    There are pre and post war bikes.
    I personally wouldn't call anything newer than a 74 Vintage. I don't think the VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) does either.
    There are a lot of younger guys that call just about anything a Cafe bike or a Bobber...
    That don't make it so.

    I think a lot of it has to do with understanding where the industry was at the time. Oil in Frame Triumphs are looked down upon by Triumph guys. Unit construction Triumphs are looked down upon by the Pre Unit guys...
    Same thing with the BSA's and definately true of the Unit Singles and the Pro Unit Singles...
    But, no, I can't think of anyone that would call a 1988 anything "Vintage".
  12. Well, we're not in the Kitsap area, but you should head over to Ballard for the "Backfire" nights I think the first Wed of each month in the summer. Have to google & check on the exact dates and place. But meanwhile, how's these for vintage, some of my current bikes. When I cut myself, two stroke oil comes out instead of blood:




  13. In 1966 and 67 I worked in the Triumph shop in E Wenatchee. Down the street was the Suzuki store. I remember seeing an early X6 Hustler...
    That was a pretty quick little bike. We was all wonderin what ya needed that many gears for though.

  14. Oh, I dont know, anywhere from the 60s-early 80s? I consider my 81 CB750 a vintage bike.
  15. I cruised your build thread, and great job! I like your bike CoastiePete. :)
  16. Those are some great looking vintage rides youve got there Quicklimegirl :)
  17. Gee, then what's one from the 50's?
    The state won't give you a historic plate for your 81...
  18. I know :)
  19. I ride out of Port Orchard. 73 CB750. I'm planning on meeting up with VME riders on 7/25 at Southworth ferry parking lot for a ride to Gig Harbor.