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anybody riding early-ish monday 8/13?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I'd like to tag along. Doin an oil change/coolent change/ brake fluid change in the morning. then I want to moto! I need to be home by 4pm though.
  2. I guess early means different things to different people. :clock:

    I'm going somewhere tomorrow early. But I plan on leaving the house by 0530.

  3. can i test ride ur motard =P

  4. LOL I said ish. I'm doing the bike work about 6 or 7. Then wanting to ride right after
  5. idc once i get it back from hoodview getting my stock timing chain tensioner installed and my scotts steering dampner.
    I rode my grandpas brothers new drz650 and it felt wierd I really want a 400sm
  6. im down for a ride for sure i dont know many roads so youd have to take the lead but you can count me in
  7. Ah man. Plans changed. Sorry dude. Looks like I'm not riding today :/ except to work later... Maybe.
  8. I work sat- wed go off off at midnight and back on midnight Friday night. Heres the kicker they love to call me for a shift at 1159 one min before my day off starts.
  9. That sucks. I have a weird schedule. 2 on 2 off. 14 hour graveyard shifts from 5pm to 7am. Sometimes 730. My next days off are wed and Thursday. Then Sunday Monday.
  10. Now that's just crazy talk Dan!crackup: 5:30am .....eeek!:shock:
  11. I'd love to ride that early. Beat the heat and all the crazy caged traffic.
  12. I didn't make it out by 0530. I got stuck in an indecision loop. Couldn't decide which bike to take. (If I get another bike I'll never go anywhere.)

    Ended up on the XR. Went thru Cougar to Old Man Pass. Explored the gravel roads and ski trails near there.

    The last mile of 503 before Jacks has fresh chipseal. wtf? It's fresh asphalt up that point and then they switch to chip seal? effing WADot.
  13. But nothin the ol' XR couldn't handle I'm sure. I got a little throttle happy on it with the sumo and made a joke out of the stuff. :)

  14. I litterly LOL'd at that. Some day I'll have problems as awesome as yours lol
  15. Hey Dan, on the way to Jacks did that left hander and down hill right hander get paved also? I know it was rough on that downhill part before..
  16. That real tight section (left right right) about 2 miles from Jack's has new asphalt. The final downhill right is chip seal.
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