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Anyone delt with kegs around here?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Avboden, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. alright, so my roomie and I have the opportunity to buy a fullsize kegerator (for a half-barrel keg aka 15.5gallons) for 75bucks with tap and CO2 system. So that is one hell of a deal right there.

    The real question is, is beer any cheaper this way?

    a 15.5 gallon keg is 165.3333 beers, or 5.5 30bombs

    5.5 30 bombs at 16bucks each gives us 88 bucks abouts.

    So, is a keg of coors light etc. cheaper than that here? I guess transporting a keg from idaho is illegal.

    man I'm such a jew...

    Of course none of this will be used until I'm 21...
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  2. Dude - you're in Pullman. That kinda math is a freshman level requirement. But your missing key elements - follow your girlfriend into a frat party and drink for free.

    Of course, you risk losing a girlfriend.....:mfclap:

  3. Don't have a GF atm, and don't go to the frats minus the Farmhouse liveout.

    I like having parties at my place occasionally, thats what this is for
  4. Scratch that, it's $99 to fill a keg here in pullman with busch light.

    fuck that, 30 bombs are cheaper
  5. Then you'll also need to figure in selling keg cups at $5 a piece, and paying your rent with it. And yes, kegs of beer are typically much cheaper than $88.

    Or is my age and four years at WSU showing? Back in 93, $60 for a keg of MGD.
  6. Avboden trying to get laid: "hey ladies, I've got 30 bottles of beer at my place."

    Avboden getting laid: "hey ladies, there's a keg at my place. Bring your friends."
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    FAIL! Talk about 'OFF TOPIC'!
  8. Find someone that works for the beer distributor & get your kegs from them. Still illegal by Washington State law, but it will save you the mark up from whatever place is selling you your kegs to go.
  9. It's the Pullman forum - it's on topic. crackup:
  10. Andrew you know I am reading this and thinking...WTF REALLY are you that lonesome you need KEG attention...and then I am also thinking..HUmmmmmmmm Mercedes wants to go to Pullman and visit you?? what when and HOW NOT!!!!!
    BTW she does not like drinkers!!!
  11. First off, this is just for the occasional party. I'm not an alcoholic....they go to classes.

    Plus, Mercedes and I are just friends

    a fair argument.....

    I think it's a pass on the kegs. Everyone here is telling me this is the exact reason people stopped buying kegs here and started buying 30 bombs.
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  12. Alcohol is poison anyways.
  13. Yeah, no one here drinks anymore. Drinking is bad
  14. The saying is: I'm not an alcoholic....they go to meetings. Get it right please.

  15. if you buy better beer than bush light you can definately save money.

    I got my last keg of "Barefoot Wit" from the Ram in Tacoma for $135
    that was less than making 15gal at the locol you brew place.

    $75 is a good deal for the CO2 bottle and regulator (all the other stuff is just free)
  16. usmcgunnerm4

    usmcgunnerm4 Washington (VA)

    Yeah, selling alcohol without a license and establishment = Jail Time and/or fine.

  17. Uh....
    I do 12 gal all grain batches for about $45 or so.
    Anyone that's charging you $135 is gettin over.
    Big time.
  18. Yeah I know. But it's an "entrance fee" to a party. Most frats, and most parties charge guys 5 at the door to get in. I don't do that, personally I think it's dumb. We just ask for people to BYOB or throw something in the tip jar.

    The price on this is a lil out dated.

  19. Yeah, aren't regulators alone like 40 bucks?
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