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Anyone Else Ride VFR?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by WaGigKPN, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Just curious if i am the only one on the peninsula riding a VFR800 that is on these forums.
  2. i have ridden mine on the pen. does that count?

  3. What's a peninsula? Is it kinda like a women's Virginia?

    I ride my viffer in the Gorge.... or you could say her Virginia rides on my peninsula. :)
  4. U like your 2002 vfr800?

    I love mine! i am probably the only one who loves how rough the VTECH kicks in...
  5. I have only had it for about a month now but I absolutely love it. Out of the 4 different bikes that I have owned (Vulcan 900, WR250X, Ducati 900) I think that this is the best all around bike. The VTEC took a little time to get used to at first but now it doesn't even phase me.

    Do you have hard bags on your VFR?
  6. I've ridden mine up to hurricane ridge. That was fun except for the excessive traffic that day though I was kinda expecting it since I went up on a holiday weekend.
  7. I have one working hard bag...the previous owner broke the other one. i have a repair plan for it but need the time to get to it. I also have a JCWhitney top case but need to make a rear rack to mount it to.

  8. No not yet... I have been trying to scrape together the $600 to $800 bucks its going to take to get a pair of Givi's or Trax. I think that I might just start with a top case and then work from there... how does the JCW one work for ya? Do you have Givi's or factory bags?
  9. Factory bags. The JCWhitney one looks sturdy and nice. i cant use it because i dont have the rack for it made yet. Since buying it tho, i notice a lot of other bikes have it...

    I hope to start on my new rack in the next two weeks or so.
  10. Good luck with the rack.

    If you ever wonder down this way and want to see the Gorge, let me know.
  11. Colombia Gorge?

    or is there a different Gorge i dont know...

    I have not ridden in eastern WA yet. Def want to get out that way this summer!
  12. Totally derailing my own thread but...

    I see you have the Icon Variant do you like it?

    When i have the funds i want to get one...
  13. It gets the job done. On really windy days it's a pain in the neck (literally) when I try to look back to change lanes and such. For the most part though I have really enjoyed it. I have the gloss black but I am planning on getting the Hi-Viz next month.

    $390 is a little steep but I have a hook up at Power Yamaha in Sublimity so i can get it for $320.
  14. My biggest concern is HJC-CL16 is soo loud i wear ear plugs for longer rides...

    Is it quiet?
  15. I don't have anything to compare it to... but I don't ever feel like I need ear plugs. I bet its louder than a normal full face though.
  16. Then its i have two bro's exhaust and at high way speeds all i can hear is wind noise....real annoying...


    Nice to meet a fellow VFR rider...
  17. One of the last gear driven cam VFR's. 60,000mi it's seen most of the western US it'd be hard to part with it as it's a great all around bike.
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