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anyone ever order any tires from

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jezterr, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    wondering what your experience was with them. they've some pretty freakin' good deals on tires. how long did it take to ship? gonna need some tires for the seattle 100. looking at the diablo corsas...
  2. No tires, but other things... they are good enough, but slow at getting things to you.

    My best tire order was here

  3. +1

    I have gotten tires-takes 2 weeks

    Try southwest moto - same prices or better but in new mexico
  4. Just go to Dennis Kirk. They'll beat anyone by $1 and they're shipping doesn't suck, unlike Ron Ayers. I used to go with Discount Motorcycle Tire every time but um, they seem to be havin issues, or something, so I went with Dennis Kirk and was really happy. Always been great with other things I've ordered too.
  5. I got a couple of tires from them when I was in Georgia. It didn't take too long and the prices were good too.

    I would have bought a tire from them a couple weeks ago when I got a flat, but I didn't want to wait at all.
  6. ronayers is slow. expect two weeks before you see your order. but they are good about changing and adding to orders, very good customer service.

    mawonline is also very good. there service dept sucks though so make sure ur order is right.

    and as we saw...some tires differ in prices between the two.
  7. Every time I get tires, I take a printout of the price, drag it over to Beaudry's, and Dave always meets their price. They know that the way to keeping customers is working with them, and since the big revamp, its a great shop.

  8. If ANY dealer around here would match tire prices, I'd go for that. I'll have to check out Beaudrys next time I order 9 tires for the riding season.
  9. Definitely, talk with dave about it, and if dave wont budge, talk with steve. Steve is changing the way they do business over there, completely overhauled the shop staff to include Kevin who is a miracle worker with shop stuff. Alotta the old beaudrys bullshit changed as of late, sales staff is better (paul isnt as bad as he used to be), hired some new parts guys, Its improved a ton.

  10. I can second that - for service kevin the service manager is amazing - and Dave is doing a good job in parts as are the other guys - for 9 tires they will definitely work with you - as for good prices on tires I'm not so sure of that but it's always worth a try - especially if you need one and they have it in stock - I've purchase tires from arizona motorsports at<>their service and pricing is the best I've ever seen and a joy to do business with -

  11. Interesting about Beaudry's... though, I swore I'd never do any more business there.
  12. Get on your bike gix, ride over there, ask to talk with steve, tell him you heard on here that his shop has changed, then let him know what was wrong before. I spoke at length with him and learned how many changes he made with the store (inc his mom dying which puts steve in a bit more control over the biz). Definitely worth going over to talk with him.