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anyone in the roofing trade ?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by trinc, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. i have a roofing question ( ~ a roofing product )...

  2. Not a roofer but have alot of experience with buildings. What's your question?

  3. Not in the profession, but have roofed a few dozen houses including all of my own houses.
  4. Did it for 8 years, flat and sloped.
  5. [​IMG]

    what is the purpose of the extra ridge cap ? this is a plastic material stapled to the roof & covered. it's missing a piece on each end. can i just tear the whole thing off ? is it just cosmetic ?
  6. Looks like a ridge vent, and if it is, tearing it off would be VERY bad.

    Have you looked at the peak from the attic space?
  7. it's a vent. The "pieces" on the ends your missing are just 2 "ridge caps" that were probably blown off.

    Leave it, if you take it off you'll have about a 4" gap exposed running the length of that vent. If it's that much of an eyesore you can take it off however, you need to nail down ridge cabs or, "tabs" from shingles to cover the hole. You'll also need to put some sort of vents on your roof.

    my .02 leave it :)


    and get those needles away from that skylight while your up there.
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  8. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    If it's on fire, we don't need no water...
  9. good info ! it looked like there were ridge caps under it which is why i was confused. i never even thought that it could be a vent... glad i didn't pull it off. guess i'll need to find a few pieces & repair it. ( father in laws house down in eugene )

    thanks guys !

  10. Houses work better if the attic is ventilated, Air moves through "birdblocks" (those pieces of wood with holes in 'em), gable vents (the vents on the side of the house) and ridge vents (in your picture).
    You should replace the missing pieces, and clean the needles around the skylight.. (dont let needles pile up anywhere.. it can create leaks)
    It's an hours work for someone who knows the trade. I'd do it for a few beers, but I'm not close by..
  11. speaking of the skylight; it does not appear to have rain flashing installed. you might look into that while you are up there
  12. it's flashed, you can see them on the sides, top and bottom.
  13. You would want to use some nails that actually make it through the ridge cap vent and through the roofing comp below that, all the way down to the plywood, whatever is the structure material of the roof. Seems a little excessive I know but hey that's why they blew off. Just don't blow through the cap material. You're new pieces. And then use some black goop, roofing caulk on those nail heads. Yup that would hold the house together.
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