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Anyone interested in getting a weekly ride going?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Cbrrod, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Tuesdays, 6pm kickstands up 615. give people some time to get ready after work. We can meet at the silverdale gas station right next to allstar lanes bowling alley, give everyone a chance to gas up. I think its a shell station.
    Newbs welcome no one gets left behind.

    What happened to the rides on here?
  2. Love this idea - Reality occasionally rears its head (Home - Dad and family life)
    I MIGHT be able catch a few of these...

  3. mikefsu was one who "pushed alot of rides" in the area and he is gone on a "cruise" lepy was another and works in Seattle now, Willow?

    Someone needs to take charge!. Also hate to say it but some rides would be kinda "intense" and remember some people went down last year which kept others away. :secret:
  4. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    I could be game for a few Tuesday night rides, as long as the pace does not get crazy.
  5. I would def be down, but I sometimes play soccer on Tuesday nights...Wednesdays?
  6. Ok well sounds like theres a few interested. So lets try and get it going. So officially Tuesday nights 6pm kicks up 615. Silverdale gas station next to the bowling alley.
    I think if everyone rides at a pace comfortable for themselves and not worry about how other people are riding they will be fine. I have been on a few rides where people have gone down. Most of the time when people go down they were going to fast for themselves. Everyone seems to make a reason why they went down. I know ive done it before, then I just admitted to myself that I was going to fast for my skill level.
    And like I said nobody gets left behind. Its not a big deal to wait a few mins at a stop sign for the others to catch up. So if your a newer rider dont worry about not being able to keep up.
    I think the ride your own ride just needs to be stressed a little more. Its not a competition and we will all end up same place some will just get there alittle faster.

    A few rules wouldnt be a bad idea either.

    1.Safe passing, yes we all hate getting stuck behind that slow car. But better to wait a few mins. Especially if a new rider is flowing you dont make him do something hes not comfortable with.
    2.No passing on the right of someone, yes this happened to me. But unfortunatley I didnt get a chance to talk to him about it.
    3.Staggered formation on the straights, if you dont know what this is look it up.
    4.Dont ride someones ass or if someones riding your ass wave em by.

    Thats all I can think of right now but I feel there important for people to follow. Feel free to add some if you have any ideas on more.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012
  7. Well if its not raining ill be there tonight. Its supposed to clear up so well see.
  8. OUT - That reality thing again!!
    Have fun...
  9. Anyone? Dont feel like a solo ride tonight.
  10. Not going to make it tonight.

    I used to do Thursday rides, and most of the time I was solo, sometimes the usual would show, but I got tired of sitting there waiting with no one showing.

    Really busy these days, but will try and make some of them.
  11. Can't make it tonight, but I am down for next Tuesday!
  12. 90% percent of the time people dont commit, i've posted multiple rides or just try to get some input from people and get nothing in return. I've pretty much abandoned kitsap for group rides. I will go if people are going to show up. Mikesfu is really the only one that people will actually come out of the house for, sometimes willow to.

    I will make sure you see me next tuesday. lets see if anyone decides to show.
  13. Ya I been off and on here for a few years and I do notice that about people not going for group rides as much as before. Well anymore really. But Im hoping there some new people on here willing to do some riding. So even if it ends up being 3 or 4 of us weekly that always show id be happy with that. I will admit im a fair weather rider and will disappear in the winter. But ill be riding all summer. So ill be there unless something comes up. You can always pm me or if I see a ride posted some other time during the week ill try and make it.

    Yo WILLOW come out next tues if you can. I want to ride that 848 :).
  14. I also know that if you go to Cliff's, they would post rides/flyer runs like poker runs for the VFW on a board, and Brother's did a weekly run starting at the dealership. Go to these places and ask! Most people just have their "click" they ride with and just pm each other vise post. :secret: Kinda recommend that meet for a ride then have a destination like some burger joint for dinner after to give people time to socialize.
  15. Pftt. if he ever gets off the motard. and its a duc so who cares :nana
  16. Unfortunately the only time I have to ride is on Sundays, otherwise I would show. Hope you can get it going again.
  17. Might be down for that. Depends if I have the kid or not.
  18. Damn if only i didnt live 3hrs away. Lol
    im always looking for a group ride. As im a lone rider.

    Good luck bro on getting it started. Ride safe.
  19. Im going today, Not sure of what time yet but proably around 3 or 4. probably gonna run around tahuya. If interested hit me up on here or text me 36055060sixtwo
  20. I'd be down for this but I can't do Tuesdays. What happened to the Sunday night get together?
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