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Anyone know of a place locally that carries Aerostich?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Stuckhead, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for some cold/wet weather gear... tried my dads Aerostich 1 piece and I really liked it.
  2. I'm also open to opinions on more water resistant 1 piece suits.

  3. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

  4. You have to order from Aerostich. (Or buy used).

    I've had my Roadcrafter for five years, wear it all the time - it's great, still like new.
    Latest Roadcrafters have rainproof zippers so keep that in mind if you are trying to decide between new or used. Rain resistance is very good though anyway in my experience.

    A good alternative would be the Olympia Phantom suit. I tried one on recently at Seattle Cycle Center and liked it - good fit and seemed well made.
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  5. Aerostitch is some fantastic stuff. i have some Darien pants that have close to 100k miles on them and they are still just as good as the day there were bought.
    i also have a roadmaster jacket that has lots of miles and is still a great jacket just quite a bit to big for me..
    i would highly recommend Aerostitch.
  6. I love my 'stitch. Just washed it a month ago, and it looks almost new again.

    If you get a "standard", non-altered size from Aerostitch, they will exchange it if it doesn't fit.

    I emailed with their customer support group to get a basic sizing, and ordered that. For me, it fit great, and didn't need altered. (but if it did, they would have done it for the cost of alterations, which they are VERY upfront about.)

    I figure it like this -- My skin is worth many times over what the suit costs, so it's like insurance for me.

  7. Mail order only. :tard:
  8. My wife and I both have a stich and for me it's the one piece of gear I wish I'd bought ten years ago.
    It's true you can only buy direct but they're customer service is possibly the best I've ever dealt with.
    A truly superior product from a definately superior company.
  9. Don't they send you one to try anymore? They used to send an off-the-shelf suit for test fit. Sent it back, asked for a bit longer legs and arms, they sent me a suit fitted to me. Easy.
  10. They have all kinds of cool lightweight camp stuff too. I like the collapsible shot glass! Titanium forks are a bit rich for me though ;)
    Hey, that was my 1000th post. Don't have to be chicken strips anymore :clap:
    That is dedicated to Rob, a lil' miffed, who is still missed around here!
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