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Anyone like Goldwings?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ran429, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering since my neighbor needed a battery and I liked his goldwing so for a whopping $180 I picked this bike up. Its a 1978 GL1000.

    Linked to my pages

    I have had it for nearing a week now and tore out the carburetors and cleaned them up. Man these things were Packed full of debris. It a wonder how this bike started in the first place.
    Now I will tackle the paint job, Its not a cool looking bike by any means but it will be when I can get it done. Handlebars are going away as is the fairing. I like Sports bikes so this will definatley get a facelift. I am looking for a cafe fairing to fit it and lower Drag style bars. The seat will be a gonner too or cut down into something more appealing.

    But thats all in the future, Right now I am gleaming on the screaming deal I got. Serious - It only cost me one hundered and eighty bucks, and it runs great now.
  2. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Very nice! I think you should leave the farrings though and paint it to look like a police bike. :lol:


  3. I like it a lot!
    If it were up to me I'd keep it the same.
    Looks like you got a good deal.

  4. Sweet-go through her and ride it
  5. I have been cleaning it up quite a bit. Posted a bunch of photos in my webshots here: . The timing covers turned out the best, Carburetors turned out to be the biggest pain in my backside but I endured, Took all day though. Wont have to do those again for along time.

    The rest of the bike is basically cosmetic and will be where the money is spent the most, Though free paint from a great Brother makes it a little easier on the pockets.