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Anyone own a sled?

Discussion in 'Kelowna' started by Dirtybill, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking of getting back into it after a multi year absence. Wife says NO!!

    Of course I listened to her at first and turned down a FREE 800 Ski-Doo.

    :scratchea:angry7: It's gone but still have this urge............"I feel the need.............."
  2. polaris rmk 800. ride one every winter. full pipe, reed valves extended track graphite carbides or w/e it's called, hi compression pistons, clutch work. and a whole lot of fun. wish i could go ride some pow in utah this winter

  3. I got a free running 94 800 Polaris triple with fox shocks extended with new track. Had it 2 years never took it out. Lol
  4. I might be selling my 08 Yamaha Nytro MTX. Lots of aftermarket stuff and in great shape. But it's a 4 stroke and not a lot of people like 4 stroke sleds.
  5. yeah I'm on a polaris pro rmk. snow show this weekend
  6. I hear 4 strokes are heavier (makes sense) but how much heavier? I'm interested in tight trail riding, not interested in the extreme remote stuff.

    Not sure if "Ski-Doo" is the only one but I recently saw a shipping crate for an Outlander (CanAm) which has the same parent company (Bombardier) and you probably know that CanAms are pricey. Outlander ATV crate read "Made in Mexico", and they sell one of the most expensive line of atvs on the market!

    Makes me wonder if their shipping crates for their sleds read "Made in Jamaica"?
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