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Anyone Stunt?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by R7-RYDER, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Who here likes it on one wheel better than two???? Anybody stunt around this town? Posers need not reply. :lol:
  2. Im gonna go down two in front and up as many as will fit in the back, then start practicing--- Im not that good on one yet, but I dont mind rollin stoppies up sometimes. Do you think I could learn some of your tricks?

    That guy

  3. I guess I need not replyOH DAMN
  4. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    The altitude here is a pain for doing second gear standies on my bike. Seattle area is much more condusive for tricks and what not. Not to mention the wind out here is a little unnerving at times... I'll have to keep practicing though on the calm days and deserted roads. :wink:

  5. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    my 636 loves the second gear standups. just bounce her up 50 mph and she'll run out the gear or if I practiced a little more when the weather gets better. I will be able to get her to float up there. let me know, I am game for some stunting.
  6. He forgot to mention they look really good in traffic going down Division...haha just that one time I remember.

    Hey jabstar17...glad you found us and welcome to the board. Good to see there is another Ninja wuhahaha...
  7. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Ya I remember that little wheelie. Even though it was small, i still got my ass chewed out by everyone. lol
  8. Hey new to the forum but excited to get to know other riders and go on rides.
    Why sit on your seat when you can stand? I'm down for stunting.
  9. Welcome to the board Hunter...

    The weather is getting nicer meaning time to start going through tires. Please get warmer, please get warmer.
  10. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    welcome hunter.

    you guys find you go through rear sprockets fast when you wheelie a lot? or is just me...?
  11. You buying cheap sprockets??? or do you NEED a new chain super badly...I haven't had any extra wear from wheelies...what is horrible on sprockets and chains are burnouts. I guess you would wear out sprockets faster depending on how you wheelie....I would imagine if you just "whack" the throttle, you'll be smacking the chain against the sprocket, causing more wear. But old chains will wear out new sprockets SUPER quick...when you replace one, you should replace the other (just my $0.02)
  12. I wish I could wheelie...anyone have any tips....really want to learn....I heard fighterama is the wheelie king!!
  13. Johnny-B you told me you are also a member of They have a ton of stuff on there about how to wheelie. Good luck man.
  14. Yeah, Im a douche, and most people know it.

    Hey I heard about some guy named john, said he was braggin up somethin about a 5th gear wheelie, is that you? Was some talk going around camp, curious if it was someone else or not.

    That guy
  15. I hate you....

    (P.S. I never brag... :p )
    (P.S. P.S. I heard this "John" character was just as sexy as can be and his gixxer was just the ultimate 2-wheeled machine ever to be produced, or at least since the Vespa)
  16. You still wish you had a duc.....
  17. Sounds like we need to do some stunting to start the season off...put some of these "rumors" at ease. Quick...someone plan a stunt session! Sounds like there are tons of hooligans on this site...I'd like to meet some of ya.
  18. Tuesday around 9 or 10 suit ya john? im not workin til wednesday. Also I was thinkin you oughta roll up so we can get that light mounted monday morning sometime (9ish? 10?), Get it all dialed for stuntfest. Maybe 7 mi? Rock lake?

    That guy
  19. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    I got my little 636 to a 3rd gear stand ups, the other day. Pretty impressive for such a small bike. ne way. Wish I could 5th gears as well, but dont think she will do it.
  20. 3rd gear stand ups eh...congrats, i look forward to seeing some of those when it gets warmer, did you just learn the technique, or did you re-gear it?? How far are you carrying them?