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Anyone Up for a ride???

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Street Burner, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. i usually work a graveyard shift so I have most days off, I'll be going to EWU in the fall quarter as a junior and just looking for some area riders to get to know and ride around with. Let me know.
  2. Are you going to be living out in cheney or just commuting out there? I work days but maybe late afternoons we could hit it up sometime. There are more than enough riders to ride with on this site. Its pretty flippin sweet if you ask me haha

  3. Actually I'm going to be living in the dorms, I still haven't found out witch one though. Hey ya let me know when your able to go riding. By the way love the boat, wakeboarding is another one of my great passions. and the quote from family guy is awsome too.....
    Well hope to talk tp ya soon.
  4. hey, I have weekdays free to ride, just post up when and where.

  5. Would anyone be up for the drag strip either friday or saturday?
  6. I have a house just off campus so we can always chill there. If you go down washington street through campus and through the stop sign, I live on Villard ST for those who know the area, kinda kiddy corner to the little park there.
  7. i live in cheney as well, i live in the apartment complex behind the streeter/morrison dorms.

    WHOSE UP FOR A RIDE THIS WEEKEND? how bout all us cheney guys meet and take a jaunty?

    lemme know whose interested, maybe we could do a ride then get some grubbage like a bbq or something.

  8. I just found out I might have to go to spocompton this weekend, if I do, I am down for meeting up going for a ride and havin a BBQ. Gonna be a long ride lol
  9. I'm down for a ride this weekend. Is anybody interested in the drags?
  10. Hey tonmarchelli, I see your car on campus all the time parked on the street behind the cafe. The woman had a dorm at morrison so we were always there I know where your at
  11. yup thats me, the red pontiac grand am with all the goodies.

    so how bout we meet in cheney, i know a couple of good places to get some speed over by cheney, we could ride most of day, eat, and do drags if anybody else wants to go.

    i guess ill just start a meeting time and it can be adjusted,

    safeway parking lot at noon or 1?

    open to other sudgestions.
  12. We are talkin saturday right? Where do you park your bike during winter. I dont think I have ever seen it there. You probably have seen my car, at least you would probably know it if you saw it. We parked right by you all the time
  13. yeah we could do it on saturday. im open all weekend. its been too long since ive been on a good group ride.

    do we want to keep this as a cheney only or should i start a thread on the eastside forum?
  14. I think I'm going to race tonight at Spokane raceway. I broke a tach cable so I don't think I'll spend the money to go saturday. I would love to see a few fast sport bikes out there.
  15. Hey, just moved into the area and don't know anyone here. Do you guys have any meeting places that you go to on weekends or what. In Kennewick they always met at Hastings, so I didn't know if there was a place everyone here went to, anyway, let me know cuz I need a crew to ride with.
  16. we havent had a chance to set a place to meet in cheney quite yet. not enough people here to warrant one. I hope that when school starts up we can get some rides together just us cheney folks. well have to set something up though.

    i go back to school on aug 18th (WSU nursing school in spokane) and the wiff goes to EWU so we live out here but until then i dont work till 3 so if anybody wants to go for an am ride, just post up here and well set something up.

  17. I have a house just off campus also, it is on the hill by the highschool if anyone knows this area, I also have a two car garage if anyone needs to do some work. All of us cheney folk need to get together one day. I know a few ok rides in this area too.

  18. is your bike the black one with the star(i think thats what it is) on the side? ive seen a cbr like that here in town.
  19. nope mine is the plan jane honda red with black no stickers etc for me