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Anyone up for Bible Creek on Sunday, Aug. 13th?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by WVFR, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. I'm in a golf tournament at Charbonneau that day but let me find out what time and get back to you.

  2. Crap, I would like to but will be riding down the coast with wife and harley. I've put 100 miles on it this summer and 4K on Busa since I got it 3 months ago :)

    Still planning another trip south on Busa in Sept sometime. Anyone interested? Directions are from Central Point as that's where I'm meeting a buddie and leaving from. Should be a great trip.
  3. My tee time is at 10am!!! crap. Looks like I'm a no-go.

    Tophog I may be interested, I'll check the route a bit later. Have a good trip to teh coast.
  5. Brandy and I rode the road today and I'm glad I'm still here. A lady in a minivan came around a corner on my side of the road and put me in the ditch. :scared Funny thing was I was on the outside of the corner - go figure. But the ditch wasn't deep and didn't damage me or the bike so I guess I was lucky. Way too much trafic today, we passed at least 12 cars when we have only seen one or two in the past. Even so, it was still fun...

    Forgot to add: We could see where they drug the Busa back up the hill. As deep a trench as there was I can't see how the bike survived the drag back up the hill. Messy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the last couple of pictures here:
  6. Glad you're both ok, scary to think that getting put in the ditch is lucky. Luckier than the two guys outside of Cougar that got hit today when a pickup truck swerved into their lane. Killed one and the other guy lost his legs. The truck was still sitting on top of the bikes and the remains of the deceased were under a tarp when I went by. law enforcement at the scene told the guys in front of me that the Windy Ridge area is averaging three motorcycle accidents per day, yikes.
  7. Holy crap, Mike, glad you're ok! Gosh and to think on the new VFR too! She came around in your lane and what happened? You end up going off on the left hand side in her lain or what?

    Ted1246, that's crazy. I see accidents happen all the time from stupid things since I'm an insurance agent. Deaths and serious injuries like that are oh so common. As far as the truck STILL being on the guy? Ick. :nana

    Edit: And Mike, I've got to get out with you guys on these roads. We need to start at like 11am though ;) That way i can sleep in AND be there on time! :coffee: Maybe in a few weeks. I need to buy a new jacket. Got some Teknic pants though w/ pucks! Knee slidin, fool!
  8. I went off the right side. I think she fixated on me. I had to stand the bike up and couldn't get it leaned back over quick enough to keep from going off. Brandy was a ways behind me and I guess the lady was on the wrong side of the road when she went by her also. Maybe she is British?

    You'll have to try the road out. I wan't to wait till school has started so maybe there won't be as many campers on the road. Don't know how long pucks would last on that chip seal....
  9. Glad to hear you are ok!
  10. damn,glad u are ok,i need to check this place more often,i would have kept u company
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