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Apple Blossom 2003

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Badoogas, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Badoogas

    Badoogas Travis Pastrana Stunt Double

    Here is a pic of about 2/3 of the bikes that were at Apple Blossom 2003 with us. WARNING: If you go to Apple Blossom you WILL get a ticket....if not from an airplane maybe they will start ticketing from Satellites.

  2. ... and this is why I have never been. Always thought it would be fun though!
  3. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    LOL you should check Marysville round the time of the oyster run ive seen 20 Bike cops lined both sides of an onramp abd those were just the bike cops

    But the boys in blue dont play fair over cross da mountains.
    Driving to go see page plant there was a cop on the side of the road with his lights flashing so i told my freind hey dont worry about it hes got someone cant get us WRONG he had his "Partner" pulled over and proceeded to nail us for 11 over. and as hes writing my freind a ticket i said "No disrespect meant ( didnt wanna get my freind in anymore trouble) but that is EVIL EEEE VIIILLLLLL. The cop just laughed
  4. Apple Blossom is fun, but expensive. The hotel rooms are outrageous and so are the tickets. That grey Regal in the background is from the car club I am in. I drove it down there that year and was stopped three times. One for wreckless because I jacked the back up going about 5mph, one for no seatbelts and one because the cops were bored. I got off all the stops, but most people are not that lucky.
  5. Have family that live in Wenatchee, so try to make it every year. I love the parades and all the eats!
  6. all those beautiful Yami's
  7. Appleblossom is not worth it. They are getting worse every year about stuff over there.
  8. dude so how do u keep up with which bike is yours?
  9. UrfavNME

    UrfavNME AnthonyADMulisha<br />Admit or Deny!?!?

    You in Locos?