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April Giveaway from

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by soggydoo, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Join us at Thunder Hill June 18-19, 2012, on one of the West’s best tracks for 2 days of open track riding. That`s 7 hours each day, for a total of 14 HOURS of open track riding. Go to to sign up.

    We are going to have 2 give-aways going for the month of April for those who choose to join us at one of our two fabulous events:

    1)If you put a deposit for our Thunder Hill event before April 30, 2012, you will be entered into the drawing for the “MotoGP Season Review 2011” book.This is the complete guide to the 2011 MotoGP season, with detailed statistics and summaries of each of the races. Packed with rider profiles, stories from the paddock and a close look at the machines themselves, this is the definitive review of a season that saw Rossi leave Yamaha for Ducati, Casey Stoner storm the field to claim his second world title, and Jorge Lorenzo fight desperately to retain his crown.

    This is offical MotoGP licensed swag!

    2)Purchase a full 2-day event and your name will be entered into a drawing for a set of tire warmers provided by MotoD Racing. When things get serious, warm tires can mean the difference between nabbing the checkers before your buddy or standing on the sidelines as he gets the gold.

    Features include:
    Nomex construction with 1-year "Bullet Proof" warranty.
    Fits 120 front / 180-190 rear.
    Quick Power Up.
    Red/Green Indicator Light.
    Level I / Low – to keep tires warm (maintain) at 60C / 140F. After coming in from riding, in between sessions, put on Level I.
    Level II / High – for heating up tires to 80C / 175F. Before going out, turn up to Level II to get tires up to max temp. Don’t leave on Level II for longer than 45 minutes.

    Even if you don't win a set, you can always purchase them from MotoD Racing by clicking through on our site. Grab 'em while they are on sale and keep a little extra green in your pocket. On sale now for only $149.99!!!! Dual-Temp for Single-Temp price!

    But the great prizes don't stop there, we've got a whole list of other outstanding prizes donated by our wonderful sponsors:
    Insurrection gloves provided by Insurrection Racing
    Amsoil motoroil provided by Cody Melby
    MotoD full body undersuit provided by MotoD Racing
    Qstarz GPS track timer provided by Soggy’s Garage
    Tire warmers Provided by MotoD Racing
    gift certificates for 2013 Trackday Events hosted by
    and more

    Remember, our event is opened only to a limited number of riders, so not only do you get more track time than other venue, but it increases your odds of winning!!
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  2. Great prizes! I use three of these products already and can personally say I think they're the best the market has to offer.

    *The MotoD undersuits rock and are very reasonably priced!

    *Amsoil rocks EVERY independent motor oil test, blowing away far more expensive brands!

    *And Insurrection A-RACE and A-PRO gloves are freakin' awesome, as they provide superior crash protection, Scaphoid sliders, superior performance, and they're currently worn by most all of the fastest AFM racers (you probably saw quite a few of these gloves on the AMA riders at Daytona as well!).

    Last year, this event was one of the best of the year at Thunderhill. Sign'll have a blast!!! :thumbup:

    If you're fast, come on down and run some laps with me...Pat and I had a blast last year, consistently running approximately 2:00 min. laps on an extremely open track!!! With a few fast riders, this first Thunderhill event is a great choice, as you won't have the usual "A" group crowding / traffic slowing you down!
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  3. lots of time left to get in on the April give away
  4. What happened to the Scotch crackup: ?
  5. No worries there WILL be Scotch!
  6. 5 more days to get in on the april give away
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