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Aprilia versus Ducati

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. First of all, stop if you think this is about brand bashing. It's not. Plain and simple.

    That said, I have no empirical evidence as I make this next statement, and I just want to ask...

    It seems like Ducati sells way more bikes than Aprilia, yet Aprilia seems to be doing much better in the world of racing. I watched the first round of World Superbike and even without Biaggi, Aprilia is still doing extremely well. So why hasn't this translated into more bikes being sold?

    Has there ever been a time in the past when Aprilia and Ducati were equally popular? I'm basing popularity on how many bikes seem to be sold.

    Again, I don't have any hard data on this stuff, but was curious if there is any correlation anywhere.

    Why are there not as many Aprilia bikes out there, compared to Ducati?
  2. Ducati has a strong dealership structure. Try finding an Aprilia part when outside any seriously major city. Ducati has the bases covered.

  3. People that don't ride motorcycles have still heard of Ducati.
    They do not know what Aprilia is.
    This is a pretty clear example to me of the difference in popularity between the brands.
    I like both, but Aprilia seems cooler to me for this very reason.
  4. RedKat600

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    I'm gonna go with this and advertising. Can't remember the last time I saw an ad for an Aprilia outside of a sport bike mag.
  5. Ducati became a fairly well known brand to the casual rider when the 916 was released and even non-riders are familiar with the brand in the US. I've noticed that most of Oregon south of Portland where I have lived have very few sport riders and Harley's are what people want.
    I think many are suspicious of what they don't know and it didn't help that the RSV4 and RXV models had engine issues that lead to Moto Corsa dropping them.
    That said I still love Aprilia's and all Italian marques! I think Piaggio continues to bring much needed R&D money and someday the US will know what European's already do.
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  6. +1
  7. OK - Out on a LIMB here...
    Aprilla is HARDER to pronounce correctly than Ducati!

    I might be riding an Ape - if I did not have QVAK on my license plate!!

    Just another angle...
  8. I don't know why.
    I wouldn't mind having an 1199 but I would looove to have an rsv4 factory.

    Probably what wwhal said.
  9. I'd love to buy a Tuono but the dealer network is so small I'm not sure I could get parts let alone a bike. I'm a Ducati guy I love the bikes and our local dealership but I'd like to swing a leg over a Tuono if I could ever find one.

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    Both companies make solid bikes that are a joy to ride.

    Ducati has simply established themselves as the Italian brand. They've used their marketing and dealer networks to establish maintain the powerhouse position they're in.

    Aprilia, under Piaggio ownership, is fast gaining ground in terms of popularity, reliability and perceived exclusivity. Will it ever top Ducati? Probably not. The current economic status of the world doesn't lend itself to the big gambles that Piaggio would need to take to achieve a Ducati level of popularity. But they're still getting bigger, and we'll all reap the benefits of ever growing dealer networks and larger R&D budgets.
  11. Aprilia is the best brand of motorcycle that no one knows about... Often over looked and under estimated, they have a strong history of great motorcycles. The RSV4 is kicking ass, and I'd LOVE to have one
  12. strictly in response to why there are so many racing.. Most likely it is due to the fact that it is the most developed, competitive and affordable World SBK available this year so both big teams and semi privateers are choosing Aprilia. 1199 Panigale still has a good year or two of development until costs start coming down to campaign one. Not to say Checa and Ducati won't win races or maybe even the Championship but it is still not as affordable as the RSV. A few years back as the 999 was released and started racing their were still lots of "affordable" 996/8's racing competitively that new year..

  13. The marketing agreement Ducati has with Starbucks? crackup:
  14. Im not an expert but it seems to me that Ducati wins more races than aprillia...until late..but maybe Im wrong it just seems aprillia has been in the background Till last year and this years DOMINATION at Phillip island. Im a fan of them tho :) RSV4 is a sweet machine

    2012 3 Max BIAGGI (ITA), Aprilia RSV4 Aprilia
    2011 7 Carlos CHECA (SPA), Ducati 1098R Ducati
    2010 3 Max BIAGGI (ITA), Aprilia RSV4 Aprilia
    2009 19 Ben SPIES (USA), Yamaha YZF-R1 Ducati
    2008 21 Troy BAYLISS (AUS), Ducati 1098F08 Ducati
    2007 52 James TOSELAND (GBR), Honda CBR1000RR Honda
    2006 21 Troy BAYLISS (AUS), Ducati 996F06 Ducati
    2005 11 Troy CORSER (AUS), Suzuki GSXR1000K5 Suzuki
    2004 52 James TOSELAND (GBR), Ducati 999F04 Ducati
    2003 100 Neil HODGSON (GBR), Ducati 999F03 Ducati
    2002 2 Colin EDWARDS (USA), Honda VTR1000SP2 Ducati
    2001 21 Troy BAYLISS (AUS), Ducati 996R Ducati
    2000 2 Colin EDWARDS (USA), Honda VTR1000SP1 Ducati
    1999 1 Carl FOGARTY (GBR), Ducati 996 Ducati
    1998 2 Carl FOGARTY (GBR), Ducati 996 Ducati
    1997 3 John KOCINSKI (USA), Honda RC45 Honda
    1996 2 Troy CORSER (AUS), Ducati 916 Ducati
    1995 1 Carl FOGARTY (GBR), Ducati 916 Ducati
    1994 2 Carl FOGARTY (GBR), Ducati 916 Ducati
    1993 11 Scott RUSSELL (USA), Kawasaki ZX7RR Ducati
    1992 1 Doug POLEN (USA), Ducati 888 Ducati
    1991 23 Doug POLEN (USA), Ducati 888 Ducati
    1990 3 Raymond ROCHE (FRA), Ducati 851 Honda
    1989 1 Fred MERKEL (USA), Honda RC30 Honda
    1988 8 Fred MERKEL (USA), Honda RC30 Honda

    since 88 only 2 aprillia all on max
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  15. Because Aprilias are ugly and Ducatis are beautiful.
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  16. Ducatis have always been pretty unique, they don't look like any other bike. I'm always afraid that as all the manufacturers strive for more performance, they choose function over form, and everything becomes even more homogenized in the style department.
  17. Yuuup...

    and Rep'd
  18. Although it's true that Aprilia's dealer structure is painfully underdeveloped, that's certainly not the case for Puget Sound riders who have two dealerships, of which Moto International is among the best dealerships in the area regardless of brand.

    Buying an Aprilia locally is a no-risk proposition except for the meager retained used value that most Aprilias suffer with. That's a fault of the marketing department, since the bikes themselves have proven very durable. I was an early adopter and have owned two Aprilias and three Ducatis and the Ducatis do better when it's time to sell them on.

    If Piaggio can resolve their significant dealer woes, parts availability and somehow figure out how to support the used values of Aprilias through better marketing (more T&A at which Ducati excels?) they would be world beaters in this country.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests they do better in other markets. The US market hasn't adopted Aprilia in the same way. The edgy styling probably has a bit to do with it too. Quality isn't the issue.
  19. Aprilia doesnt have a long history in WSBK. I think they ran from '99-'03 & returned '09-current.

    They have had most of their success in FIM 125cc & 250cc racing.
  20. If by ugly you mean magnificent, and by beautiful you mean something that looks like something Optimus Prime pooped out you might be right. :nana
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