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Are some of us targets??

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by DrVencman, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So I am riding in Hillsboro on TV highway at night Aug 12. I'm sure everyone has done this; you can't hit the brakes hard and you probably should not speed up to beat the changing light. Sure enough 2 (!) turn on lights and one sirens. WTF! Only one pulls me over though the other keeps going. The lights were still yellow as I passed the intersection. Got a warning though. I'm on "just" a ninja 250... Not sure how it would have turned out on a bigger bike...? Any thoughts? Was it just bad luck and terrible timing?

    And no I don't ride like I'm hot sh*t. I never speed but it just annoys me like some out there think we are up to no good.
  2. I figured what the hell, why not:


  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Don't run yellow lights?
  4. Not bad luck, inattentive riding. Learn to brake and ride in traffic
  5. and yes, we are targets.

    There is no question there is a predjudice against bikes, sport bikes in particular...

    Speedgeek calls it his "bike tax"...

    don't ever give up without a fight though! and those 250's can look (and be ridden) very fast! :)
  6. I think in your case you're overthinking things a bit. Perhaps when you passed under the light it was still yellow and then turned red as you were clearing the intersection. I don't see how you were "targeted" in this situation, especially since you were only given a warning.

    That said, yes Sportbikes ARE sometimes targeted. The last time I rode to Seattle via the backroads, I was on Hwy7 that runs between Morton and Spanaway. Near Spanaway, I was riding at exactly the speed limit as I passed by a LEO parked on the other side of the road, IMMEDIATELY he pulls a U-turn and quickly falls in behind me, staying with me for at least 4-5 miles....almost if he was baiting me, looking for a reason to pull me over. Well, I wasn't going to play his game, and ignored him. Eventually he pulled off somewhere. I'm quite certain he called in my plate and/or was frantically looking for a reason to stop me...why else would he have done what he did?

    The best defense is stay WAAAY out in the country, on remote FS lands for the best of your riding. Very few LEOs and mostly stellar roads.
  7. Ready for it.......

    Heeeeeeere it comes.........

  8. So you didn't do anything illegal, and you didn't get a citation. You got stopped and warned about traffic safety.

    Yup. Totally a target.

    :secret: They stop cars for doing the same thing...
  9. DrVencman you can ride with the rucks on TV. we just get looked at and passed by the cops.
  10. gixxerjeff

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    because i can
  11. Got pulled over for the same thing in a SUV totally targeted get real!
  12. It's not bad luck and terrible timing; it's childish shit from you. What was so important for you to gun it to try to save maybe 45 seconds? And then you get a break too? I would have ticketed your ass for being greedy and reckless.
  13. Targets? Why would you think that?
  14. it's illegal in Oregon to run a yellow light if you have the ability to stop safely. Any cop will tell you "yellow is red".
  15. Endos are totes safe, like fo-sho.

    /as long as you make it past the half-way point, and don't exceed the speed limit, you're legal

    Crap, keep forgetting this isn't Fark. People around here prolly don't get teh slashiez...
  16. This is wrong. Regardless of whether you exceed the speed limit or not, that is running a red light, or failure to obey a traffic control device. You may get let off with a warning depending on the officer but it is illegal. Think of rush hour or high traffic times and vehicles keep entering the intersection on yellow until the light turns solid red. None of them exceeded the speed limit but every car that entered the instersection on yellow committed a violation. Oregon is different than almost every other state with this statute. You must stop on a yellow if it is safe to do so. If you are looking up and paying attention to driving (or riding) and doing the speed limit or below then you should be able to stop. Very rarely is there a situation where it is not safe to come to a stop. Most of the time people don't because they aren't paying attention, are going too fast, or are in a hurry and just don't want to stop.
  17. Right there. See that? That's the loophole. Unless you're at least two seconds away from the intersection, it's not safe to attempt a stop. Following distance laws are set by that very same metric. Two seconds. If you have to hammer the brakes, it wasn't safe to stop.

    Also, I never said you didn't have to clear the intersection. "Think of rush hour or high traffic times and vehicles keep entering the intersection on yellow until the light turns solid red." If you can't clear the intersection, it's illegal to enter said intersection, even on green. So if you can't make it through the intersection before that light turns red, yes, it's running the light. Yellows are set up to be a specific duration based on the expected speed of traffic for that road. It is to allow enough time for traffic to safely stop and clear the intersection before the light turns red. If a safe, controlled stop is not possible, then you are A-OK to pass through the intersection as long as you make it more than half-way before the light turns red.

    Because see, quite a few of the laws are indeed subjective. I can pretty safely stop from 45mph to zero within feet on my R6, but to make that same stop on my wife's CM it takes yards (crappy drum brakes). Same thing with my S2000 - feet vs. my old Hornet - yards.

    So to restate what I said earlier: Endos be totes safe, like fo-sho.

    ^^ That's called sarcasm. Grenading the brakes is never safe. If you cruise through a yellow and make it to the other side before the light turns red, by definition you were too close to safely stop because, "Yellows are set up to be a specific duration based on the expected speed of traffic for that road." That right there is why many municipalities are getting into trouble with their red light cameras - they shorten the duration of the yellow below the minimum safe duration in order to cause people to run the light and generate revenue (Beaverton did the opposite - only place I've ever seen 8-second lights for a 45mph road). There are established minimums based on expected speeds of the traffic on a given road (note: didn't say speed limits - that's what traffic surveys are for). Localities get sued for that crap.

    So again, if you make it without speeding, you are fine because the DOT itself has determined what reasonable stopping distance is for that road, and you weren't that far back. That's *why* the law has that little loophole.
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