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Attempted theft!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by BEB.Brad, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. So my dad has a 91 Harley Electra Glide (big ass bike) and I guess this morning after I left for work some hispanic kids came over, popped the lock but busted the pins into the mechanism so it wouldn't start...


    I guess I'm just lucky I decided to take my bike to work today, it was sitting all of 20ft away from his!

    Anyways, Clackamas County saw them pushing it down the road, they dropped it and ran but got caught... Now it just needs a new lock, and we're gonna spend some time to clean out the garage, move some cars to clear a path and get new locks for the garage with keys for the family.

    First attempted theft in my neighborhood in years.. and we have two staters living like, 2 blocks down the road!
  2. "It was, Some Puerto Rican Guy..." Hehe, Southpark is awesome.

    Glad you got it back.

  3. I am too but I have to cancel all my ride plans for tonight and clean out the garage/driveway so we got a place to secure stuff up:ninja: -style.... and look into low-jack 8)
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Im glad your dad got his bike back.
    How was it stored?
    In a garage, but how did the thiefs get inside?
  5. Nah, we keep things like the Model-T, or the old panhead in the garage.. along with all of our garbage. The bikes just happen to be outside cause they're in use more than the stuff blocking the garage door.

    The driveway has a 76 corvette stingray, a 23ft boat and a 59chevy apache blocking the garage door... only reason the bikes are in the front yard :(
  6. Dang brad.. didn't know you had a history lesson in your garage. ;) REALLY glad you guys got the bike back. #$&# punk kids! I'll be ok with fore-going a trip tonight, as long as it's for the cause of saving a bike. :) I may be down in Wilsonville harassing Spec anyway, but if you guys need any help, let me know!
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Thiefs are always Crusin, looking for an oppertunity. Its a good lesson for us all.
    Keepem inside, or keepem covered.
  8. Yeah, if you're down here you guys could always stop by and check out the casa.. maybe go for a ride (I don't see it taking too long... with any luck).
    I am super interested in picking spec's brain about some riding tips and tricks and you're always welcome around, Sabrina.

    Anyone know any clues on where to pick up some GPS Tracking for bikes? I've heard talk of it but never heard any pricing or companies that do it.

    and thanks a bunch for the support.. I'm not a touchy guy but I'm holding my keyboard to my chest and crying a river (just for Justin Timberlake)
  9. 02

    02 Retired

    I think a disc lock would have prevented them from rolling it away...

    Just do a google search and you'll find a couple of different options. It's really how much do you want to pay to get actual live gps location. Lo-jack for bikes is limited and not widely available unlike for a car so that might not be an option quite yet.
  10. Glad you got it back and too bad it was taken - the fact they were Hispanic is really irrelevant - they could have been Catholic or Luthern and you could have mentioned that - it's not an important part of the theft they were Hispanic. Let's leave the ethinicity out of our discussion ok? In fact, most thieves are caucasian. Some aren't, true.

    The important thing is you got the bike back.
    I'm ready for any flames you may want to send this way. I can take the heat.

  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to put any kind of emphasis on any ethnicity, I was pretty much just typing verbatim what was said to me over the telephone.

    I looked into lojack, not available in OR yet :(

    edit: and I wouldn't flame someone I don't know

    edit x2: Also, I just want to say, I feel sorry for the kids.. I don't think my Dad will press charges, he's a cool guy, but that's just another couple kids that might goto jail over stupid crap like a motorcycle.. I had my chance to goto jail once, and I'm glad I didn't have to go, it would have been a long time over about 2 hours of fun, not a good enough trade IMO.
  12. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Man I hope your dad does press charges. People don't randomly decide to steal motorcycles, this wasn't there first time, it was just the first time they got caught. I've had 1 car and 1 bike stolen from me and given the chance I'd press charges its the only thing people like this understand. IMO Glad you got it back though.
  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    They used to HANG horse thiefs

  14. I would be all for it now.. you steal someone's transportation or other thing of good value and you get da rope


  15. He had better press charges! Tell him to think about the next guy and his stolen bike after they get a slap on the wrist! They need jail time and a record for this!

  16. Did it have hubcaps..crackup:
  17. Well I dunno... I did some shit that would have put me away for 2-3yrs.. just that thought alone and the time off school and all the constant shit from my parents made me smart enough not to do anything like that again... I haven't done anything but traffic violations since then (about 6yrs ago) not even steal some cash from my parents.

    I'm all for second chances... if they have a record then F-em... I don't agree with jailtime, same I don't agree with jailtime for going over 100... I think people shouldn't be able to buy vehicles that go that fast unless they pass some kind of an abilitieis test or something.. but not jailtime.

    Then again, they did get caught.. I'd be singing a different tune if it was my bike and they got away.
  18. Anyways, glad to have it back in 99% condition. If they hadn't taken it we wouldn't know about a bearing going out in the front wheel (parents said they noticed it when they towed the bike home) so in this case there's a little good with the bad. I'm just glad I decided to ride my bike with expired tags (by 3 years) and no endorsement to work today.. I would be sitting here crying if I found out the buggers busted my ignition and tried to jack MY bike..

    But since it's dad's it just sucks for him :)

    Oh, and if any of you guys work for a car toys, or car/motorcycle place you should look into becoming a dealer for LoJack out here, I'm sure it'd bring in some good business/revenue cause it'd be my next buy!

    edit: LoJack for Motorcycles... according to their website/phone system it's unavailable in the 503 area code
  19. Just spoke with my dad on the phone... looks like they used MY cresent wrench out of MY toolbox to do the deed (oopsie!) and some neighbors had called it in... and it turns out that they were around about 4am on bikes rattling around in cars.. neighborguy chased them away but I guess he didn't scare them enough.

    Oh well, they're in jail, dad's pressing charges so I guess that's the end of it. Sucks that people want to throw a good couple years away all for a 1991 Electra Glide with 40K+ miles
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