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Attn: Lurkers!!!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Xiphos, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Register you mofo's! Get on the site and start talking with people! It's fun and if you ride we all want to get to know you and ride with you! Now get registered!
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    Yeah, everyone is welcome. Please just chime in on a welcome thread in the General Discussion and tell us a lil about yourself. What kind of moto you've been riding and for how long? Post up a pic...

    All are welcome, and as I have said time and time doesnt matter what kind of moto you ride...we all share a passion and enjoy them for every kind of purpose that we feel satifies our hunger for motorcycles.

    Now go register...and introduce yourself... :mrgreen:

  3. Unless you have a huge Titanum exhaust, ride a blue bike, like kawis, and your bike is not fully put back together, you are affraid of doe, you can eat 5 burgers a tube of fries and go for donuts. We have all we can handle of those type of peoples. :mrgreen:
  4. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

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    YA! Even you Harley riders.. get on here and make fun of our ricers, but join up! :bonk
  6. HAHAHA I'm posting and I'm not even local enough to meet up for rides! :nana
  7. just thought that I would bump this back up as we have 24 lurkers on here right now...
  8. Shwaa

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    We had 42 on lastnight with 2 members logged on.
  9. I just noticed we have 25! on right now. What the heck, there are more lurkers than members. C'mon, especially if y'all are female!
  10. Yeah and there are a LOT of female riders out there. I was at Westside yesterday and counted quite a few, a lot on 250 and 500 Ninjas. Told them about the website...but I dont know how receptive they are. It probably sounds like I'm hitting on them more than just simply telling them about the website.

    Lia...use your girl Ninja power and make this place co-ed!
  11. I will do my best, oh great leader of the Ninja's.
    Your faithful 250 rider, L