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Back in the beautiful PNW

Discussion in 'New Users' started by BamBam, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm Bill

    I was working in Bellevue a few years back, shipped my Ducati Supersport out and joined the forum at that time.
    Well, I'm working in the area again for a while and just brought my Multistrada out here the other day. Planning to commute to Redmond most days (from Seattle) and do some weekend rides also. Hoping to meet up with some locals - perhaps get some inside info on the best roads and rides, and maybe hook up for a group ride sometime?
    Anyhow, watch out for a red older style Multistrada - I'll be sporting a grey Aerostich and white helmet.

    See you out and about.

  2. Welcome (back??) to PNW.

    Great people (most of the time), great times, and usually some really good rides. Enjoy the weather!

    oh yeah, pix of bike please.

  3. Thanks for the welcome - got a feeling I'm going to love riding this baby out here........

  4. Nice bike! Welcome back to the beautiful NW, I'm just over in Bellevue if you ever want to do some riding starting on the eastside. Sadly the best of our weather is behind us.. Stay safe out there.
  5. Thanks mate, actually I'm headed over to Snoqualmie for a quick ride this morning. Setting off in about 30 minutes. I'll PM you my digits - if you want to meet up, text me a meeting place + time.
  6. Gorgeous ride.....I'm definitely moving up to that style for 2013.
  7. I took the Multi over to the Fall City area and rode Ames Lake Road over to Carnation, caught Tolt Hill Road back to 202 and then picked up 308th. All roads suggested to me my another member (Brass Orchid - are you still around?).

    These roads were short but lots of fun, twisty and in pretty good condition.

    Stopped for a coffee at Snoqualmie Falls and said hi to some cruiser folks. They were friendly - that was a nice change (back in Ohio the cruiser crowd don't say hi if you're not on a cruiser).

    I also checked out Fall City / Issaquah road off 308th because it looked gnarly as I went by first time, and it was nice too but too short and I got lost and ended up back on the expressway.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what gems I overlooked in that area?

    All in all a brief first outing in Washington on the Multi, but great fun and enough to know the bike is going to be perfect out here.

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  8. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome, Bill, I like your bike, but not your commute! ;)
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