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Beach Ride ***Sunday 4/27/08***

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Az_636, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Looks like its gonna be a warm 68 this Sunday... so how bout a beach ride.. I know a few have already gone that route, but there's plenty who havent?

    Anyways, figure we meet at Starbucks on 102/halsey around 10-10:30, kickstands up at 11:00am..Sound good?

    Route is TBD, hopefully by someone who already went that route, and wants to lead.

    As far as beach, Seaside maybe? Grab some lunch, hit arcades or something and ride back, possibly have dinner or a mini bike night?

    Anywho, its open for ideas, so throw em out there :)

  2. Sounds good!...only I'm not riding clear out to Halsey to meet you all, than riding clear back out, let's maybe have a SW meeting spot that meets later and should be ready to roll whe you guys show up??? or everybody meet at the 76 station on 26 were the hwy 47 junction is???

    Just throwing it out there for us west siders...

  3. That sounds fun. I would be down for a ride like that. I'm not 100% yet but as we get closer to the weekend and I can convince my wife a ride would do me good. :devil: I know. Give her a couple hundred bucks and tell her to go shopping. That just might work. I'll let you know.
  4. Us East siders can meet at 102nd and ride out and pick up all of you west siders up on the way out.

  5. JC....Mark...! :angry7: :evil4: crackup:

  6. I'm in! :mfclap:

    I'm sorry I'm not quite a route man, I just kinda show up and follow. 8)

    Food at Camp 18 is good, but its on the slab. :scratchea
  7. Sounds good.... well lets make it for the guys on this side, meet at SB at 10:00am, ready to roll by 10:30, so well be at the 76 gas station by 11, ready to roll from there...

    Camp 18 is good, but its off 26, halfwayish there... I dont know if u guys wanna eat at the beach or somewhere else (I prefer beach) :)
  8. we gunna be scofflaws and do 80 past hidden black and white chargers?
  9. What's up Azz:)

    I'm's been a while since I've gone on a long ride:)
  10. Only you Johnny, only You...

    Michael (MCA), You joining this or what... We could use a camera guy:nana

    Srsly...join in! :)

  11. as i recall you were in front :nana
  12. shh:secret::thefinge:
  13. MCA8690

    MCA8690 McLovin'

    haha i STILL can't believe you guys didn't see that, when I was wearing a dark smoke windscreen!!

    yeah I think I'm down, as long as it's not pouring. I can deal with light raining or whatnot, though......
    yeah I'll bring my lens if I come, and (you know me) i'll do the whole ride sans helmet, crackup:
  14. LOL i saw it, only after it was too late, and you all where slowing down
  15. Huh, guess being too busy at work and unable to check the internet anymore except a few times a day means I miss out on information like this.

    I just wanted to point out that no one has gone this route yet. I've tried three times and all three times were failures. I have about 30 different routes I've planned out for such beach rides, however, if I get involved at any level in this, I guarantee it'll become my fourth failure.

    So good luck with the planning. I may be able to make it, but we'll have to see. I won't be going unless it actually turns out to be that nice and it's been dry for at least a day. Because I'm itching to rail my ass thru some corners now that I can do it, and my heart just won't be in it if I have to worry about wet and sloppy corners.

    Good idea Logan. Gives people the option to run Hwy 47 north if they didn't want to slab it out to Seaside. I would certainly hope people don't forget that not only is there Seaside, but there is also Tillamook, Astoria, or even Long Beach as excellent possible destinations for any beach ride that someone besides myself might have any hand in planning.
  16. I might make this one:)
  17. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Definitely need this ride! Now will see if Wife agrees wants = needs! LOL
  18. MCA8690

    MCA8690 McLovin'

    welcome to my signature Kevin : )
  19. Depending on the weather id also be down for this. Its beena while since ive run to the coast.

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