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Beaverton DMV

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by tbone99, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know the name or how to contact the girl that rides and works at the Beaverton DMV in the Cedar Hills/Cedar Mills area? I believe she rides an R6 and think she's from Russia or somewhere like that. Anyway, the reason I'm asking is because I recently bought a two stroke street bike and don't want to have any problems getting a plate for it. There also may be an issue with the title. The seller said it was a 1995, the title says it's a 1997 but according to the vin # it's a 1996. I plan on heading there tomorrow so any help would be appreciated.


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  2. DGA

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    Um...your best bet is just to take it to an office and take care of it. What the owner says carries no water, so don't mention it. Only thing that really matter are the title and the VIN number. It could very easily be a misprint on the title...I've had this happen before. When you go to the DMV make sure you have a receipt for the purchase, the title, a check book handy, and things will take care of themselves.

    As for looking for help on stalking some poor are on your own. ;)

  3. Do you want to give her a bribe to fix that mess for you?
    It would be cheaper to get new bike.
  4. A simple question about a title issue can be solved by a quick phone call to the DMV.

    You trying to track down the 'Russian girl' that rides an R6 and works at the DMV, makes you look like a creepy fucker. Seriously.
  5. +1

    Her name is Jenny- 867-5309 I think she changed her number recently.
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  6. Yes! Just say you saw her number on the wall. :thumblef:
  7. For a good time, and registration call!
  8. I called her before but I lost my nerve.

    Seriously bro, just walk up to her and talk to her. Nice bike, do you ever go on group rides? Would you like to?
  9. stalker
  10. jnicola

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    She's got the really cool cheeta print bike seat. Seeing that gave Tila the idea to do her seat and my GSXR seat in zebra print. Very awesome!

    Anyways, as long as the VIN's match on the title and the bike nobody gives a shit. All the people at the DMV do is walk outside and make sure they match. They don't do any checks past that nor do they give a flying fuck. Often times the VIN can be hard to get, so I was asked by the people at the DMV to read it to them... which defeats the entire purpose since you could just memorize the VIN on the title and pretend to read it from some super secret and dark hidden place on the bike.

    So, no need to call her and ask, but maybe say hello to her if you see her. She also comes out to Tuesday Night Coffee sometimes, at least that's where I saw her first and then saw her at the DMV... unless this is another chick.
  11. She helped me with my truck titling stuff....when you wait in line and they call your number just say pass lol
  12. Yea, I met up with her yesterday and got it titled and plated with no problems. Thanks for everyone's help.
  13. Fixt it 4 u
  14. Hilarious. Even moreso that he actually met up with her and got his sh*t figured out.