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Beaverton Honda NEVER fails to disappoint. (rant)

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by ddonacazx12, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Went to get a couple helmets today...

    I was looking for a new Bell RS1 or *maybe* a Bell Star, and a Bell Vortex in the Flying Tiger graphic for a passenger helm.

    their selection sucked. No Bell Starr at all. No RS1 at all. Like 3 Vortex (luckily one was a large) no graphics though...

    the sales guy comes over, asks if he can help... I tell him I'm looking for something 5 star SHARP rated (which basically ALL bell helms are consistently), and preferably a company that at least has some part of its business in the USA. I tell him I would love a Bell RS1... or maybe a Star

    He starts telling me how Bell isn't based in the USA... <lie> their corp hq is US, and their r&d and testing facilities are in Cali.

    Then he's telling me how they are a big bulky shell and heavy... <lie> youtube reviews from MULTIPLE sources discount this.

    Then he's trying to sell me a hjc or shoei cuz it's a "better" helmet... :roll:
    (not 5 star rated, doesn't vent as well *multiple sources*, no "transitions" shields, etc...)

    Once again Bob Jrs place never fails to disappoint.

    SOOOO I stopped by EDR on my way home, they had several Stars and an RS1 (bitchin' Roland Sands design btw...)

    Although they cant get the color scheme I want (the "Born Free"), I'll definitely be ordering my Vortex Flying Tiger through them.

    Beaverton Honda can suck it... EDR rocks, as usual.
  2. I have a Bell Start helmet and it's by far one of the best helmets I own (I also own AGV, Suomy, etc.).

    If you want a real treat get the transitional lens shield for the Bell helmet... I have one and you'll never again have to swap visors when it's sunny or dark out.

    Oh, and I agree with you on Beaverton Honda. Their prices are extremely marked up (like MotorCorsa) and anything they have there you can find much cheaper online (or at EDR). One time I tried to get them to price match a helmet for me that I found online and they said they don't do that... HA! Might as well be out of business then if you ask me.

    If I was going to buy a helmet locally I'd definitely get it from EDR.

  3. Bell all the way!!!
  4. Playing Devi's advocate here, and I have no love or affiliation with Lampheer Honda. How can you expect a dealer that spends millions of dollars on a building, insurance, employees, training, etc who will actually fit you for the helmet (if they're doing their job) to price match some dude who works out of his mom's basement with a laptop and essentially is a drop shipper?

    Of course, this premium price isn't worth a cent if the service sucks.

    Nice to know EDR has good selection and prices on helmets. Unfortunately, since they've moved back to beaverton I don't ever have time to get over there. Corsa has a pretty good selection of helmets, but one of my major pet peeves with them is the whole feeling of "if you've got to ask you can't afford it" where nothing has a damn price tag on it.
  5. Huh. Normally I've had obsessively good service with gear there. A bit pushy, but they've always been more concerned with fit and feel than pushing a specific brand. To be fair though, one thing they were correct on: BELL helmets are freaking fishbowls. The shell of a given-sized BELL helmet is always much larger than the equivalent HJC, SHOEI, Arai, Scorpion, Vega (ick), or AGV. I look like even more of a bobblehead in a BELL.

    But to say they're anything but top-notch?! Heresy. BELL makes better helmets than HJC by a mile, although they are heavier and fatter. Take my HJC FS-15 Carbon and compare it to the BELL Star Carbon, and the HJC looks tighter and weighs less. Airflow and noise damping in the HJC are crap though, while the BELL flows nicely and is a bit more quiet.

    And I've had them price match the internet before. Wonder what changed lately. They've always done their best to meet or beat the price of everything I've bought there. Either this one guy is a tool, or they've had a policy change recently.
  6. i have the bell vortex and two scorpion helmets and the bell has become my favorite hands down. it isnt too heavy and flows a lot of air. you wont be disappointed with the vortex!
  7. Well, Best Buy is probably one of the largest electronics retailers in the US. If you show them a cheaper price you found online they will price match it no questions asked, I've done this countless times. I bought a TV from Best Buy that I found online for $200 cheaper. Sure enough I showed them the link to the TV online and they matched the price. Best Buy realizes that they have to price match in order to stay in business, especially with the amount of internet savvy people these days.

    In tough economic times like these a business that won't price match is digging their own grave. Of course this likely isn't true in the case of Beaverton Honda because it's been around for a long, long time and for a lot of people it's the only place they know of to go and get things locally.

    There are times where it would be more convenient to go into Beaverton Honda and simply pick something up locally. However, if I was going to buy a brand new helmet I'd definitely be shopping around online for the cheapest price (or I'd go to EDR since their pricing seems much more fair).

    So yeah, I understand what you're saying. I am just saying that most retailers these days will price match if you ask them.
  8. I second the kudos for Bell Star. I bought mine here for what I consider freakin' cheap along with the transitions visor. It came with two clear visors and a great helmet bag. Firm and soft cheekpads also.
  9. And tell me you don't just LOVE that transition visor? I was absolutely floored when I rode with mine for the first time.

    Apparently Bell has a patent on it so that's why you don't see other helmet manufacturers with transition shields!
  10. hmm weird, maybe its a recent policy change? I've bought gear there a few times and as long as you bring in the advertisement or can show it via phone/tablet they will match
  11. Price matching against a wage of 0.80 cents an hour is great for America, don't you think?
  12. No, maybe I'm wrong. This was years ago where I attempted to get them to price match. Maybe they changed their policy and now they do accept price matching. If that is the case, then kudos to them! That definitely changes my opinion on the matter!
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  13. Unfortunately everyone is always looking for the best deal. I suppose that's part of the reason everything is made in China.

    On the contrary, when it comes to my Jeep I won't put anything on it (knowingly at least) that isn't made in the USA!

    I've done a bunch of reading and it sounds like Bell has two divisions, Bell USA and Bell Europe. The USA division has a headquarters in Illinois and the R&D facility is in California. I didn't read ANYTHING about Bell Helmets being produced outside of the US. For the price of the helmets (very expensive for the Star) it seems to imply they would be made in the US.

    So there you go... Buy a Bell Helmet and support 'Made in the USA'!
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  14. I dislike them as well. When I got the zx I went there and Hillsboro. Bought at Hillsboro because they were way better, and worked with me more on financing. Bobs couldn't care less I felt. I do disagree on the fact that EDR is cheap. The fact is, Well it isn't. Was gonna buy oil there, forget that.... Not sure exactly what Sharp rating is, I am guessing racing rated. I always make sure my helmets are Snell rated above standard DOT. But if you want all USA and headquartered in Portland for that fact, Icon is what you want. I don't think they have Sharp rating though.
  15. I didn't realize ICON was based in Portland. It's too bad ICON is more of a fashion statement than it is safety gear. Not to say ICON wouldn't protect you at all, but most people realize it's more of a fashionable thing to wear, especially for the younger riders.
  16. ICON isn't made in the US anymore, and their quality has suffered.
  17. Wasn't aware of that. I was thinking that for something made in the USA the prices were cheaper than I would have expected.

    Usually if it's made in the USA it's a premium price.
  18. Ordered my Carbon Fiber Bell Star from EDR. Those guys are great and never disappoint. $600 and well worth it!
  19. Ok, I am in love with the Bell Star, but havn't bought one yet.

    I high sided and landed on my face last weekend at the ridge, and no concussion, but a bruise/rub on my forehead.

    Shoei X-12 for the mother F'in win.

    You're right, it doesn't vent very well, but it's not that bad, and I am incredibly impressed with how my helmet performed in a 70mph highside, where I flew about 8 ft in the air... and I'm not a small guy.
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  20. Anyone with the Bell look and tell me where it's made? I'm looking for a good 2nd helmet and don't want another Arai, price being one reason.. want to check this Bell out.
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