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Bellingham...where ya at, where ya at!?!?

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by beansbaxter, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Dang where are all the Bellingham riders??
  2. Looks like I'll be working up there for a few days a week for a while. I'll try to do some networking. Don't mind going to the pubs at all up there. Boundary Bay!

  3. SilverDawg- I am always looking for people to ride with in Bellingham so next time your up this way send me an e-mail or pm. +1 Boundary Bay.
  4. welcome: gabe0308, about time we get some Bellingham riders on here. Is there any particular day of the week all the Bellingham motorcycle riders meet up and hang out aside from going on rides?

    Gotta get everyone else on here, pass the word out there.

    Jafar and I know a few riders up there in Bellingham, I'm sure we'll be riding through there at least once come next month, so we'll have to hook up for a ride!
  5. Glad to see some life up there! Welcome.
    I'll be sure to let you know.
  6. Representin' B'ham right here! (well, Sudden Valley)
  7. I dont come here much but yeah I am from Bellingham. :)

    I am here because I am looking for some more info on Sportbike Northwest.
  8. I Just moved out of b'ham to vegas 4 months ago. I had a good network of riders while I was up there, we rode almost everyday all over the nw washington. To bad I never thought of looking online then.
    A good place to meet riders is on wednesday nights at Champion Cycle on Holly street. There is always lots of riders and a good mix of experienced riders, some old guys on touring bikes and guys that like to ride fast. I'll call a few guys and tell them to get online.
    The best rides up there are defiantly highway 9. The best part is in between Sedro Wooley and Arlington but it still good from mt baker highway to sedro. best time to ride is in the middle of the day or late morning when there is no or light traffic.

    Another good road that has an excellent surface is highway 530. Its best to start in arlington and head east towards darington. This road is really a good ride not very many tight corners but there's 40 miles or so of sweepers, really gets the adrenaline flowing. And just keep on 530 and it brings you to highway 20 east of concrete.
    People always say they like Chuck-a-nut Drive but it really is best just to bring your girl out there to watch the sunset. There is a good section for about 3/4 of a mile but the chance is too high of a bonehead cager going 15 mph half way around one of the blind corners, its happen to me a few times.

    Well I hope this helps someone, I know its pretty shitty up there now but its better to ride 8mths a year on fun twisties and good surfaces than be down here in vegas with only two good nearby areas to ride everything else is straight.
  9. 9deuce9rr

    9deuce9rr Bellingham's Photog

    hey man, when the weather gets better, i'm always down for a ride... Bellingham or P.O. .... just gotta wait for the weather to not be so terrible :cry:
  10. I didnt know there were people here in Washington state that actually I just moved up here from San Diego....dont ask, but trying to get used to this wet stuff. I am up to riding at anytime...rain or shine, but first....I gotta get some fresh rubber and I will be out on 2! Does anyone know where you can get a set of tires mounted and balanced...I am not trying to pay 60 bucks a tire to get it done...

  11. Talk to bubba zenetti and see if he knows anyone in your area. If you dont mind taking the wheels off, most places will charge around $15 per wheel to mount and balance the new tire. You are taking the wheel on and off.

    If you want the stealership to take the wheel off to mount and balance, it's gonna cost you a good $50 - maybe discounted if you purchase the tire from them - but as I'm sure you know, there are much cheaper routes for tires than dealers.

    That is my general concensus from my experiences, you may find differences in your area. Best thing is to start getting to know mechanics and shops in your area and build relationships with them to foster the better handling of your wallet.

    By the way, welcome: to the forum - now go post up some pics of your moto :w00t:
  12. PHA954RR, if you are in the Bellingham area, then you should go check out Tim at Cycle Therapy close to Iowa street. He is just about the coolest parts/repair guy I have ever met. He mounted tires for me for like $10. Plus he can get you pretty much any tire you want. Good luck.
  13. Ditto to that. Cycle Therapy is the shiznit for good quality, inexpensive work.
  14. I will contact him asap....thanks for that info....
  15. I also agree that Cycle Therapy is the place to go. Tim has been worked on my dirt bike I had ten years ago and now works on my street bike. He is a great guy.
  16. This may be something we B'ham guys may have to check out.
  17. I am new to this forum, and I am from Bellingham, WA. I ride with about 10 local guys. If there is anyone out there looking for a group to ride with send me an email. phil price
  18. Another newbie. Complete one at that :D Haven't even had the Beginner's Safety course yet. On the lookout for a Yamaha YZF600R though! I take the class May 19/20/21. I'm active duty at the Coast Guard station here and EVERYBODY there has a bike! Boss has a Black/Gold Buell, co-worker has a Silver 06 Fat Boy, 3 of the Border Patrol guys have bikes (Blue custom chopper, black Heritage, and a cruiser of some type), not to mention the CBR929, Triumph, and multiple dirt bikes.
  19. Newbie here. I was asked to post this ride. Like I said before I ride with about 10 other guys here in Bellingham. We always go on Sat. and Sun., rain or shine. We meet at the sunset shell at around noon or so. We are always looking for new people to ride with. If there is anyone out there that would like to go on a good day of riding with some good guys send me and email at or go to my profile and give me a call. This weekend is looking like it is going to be a good one, so I know for sure we are going to be out.

    Philip Price
  20. I know of a very low mileage '05? for sale here in bellingham, he bought it knew rode it about four weeks and bought a triumph st 1050? The bike just sits there now.