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Best price & color for 05gixxer1000

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by snake, May 19, 2005.

  1. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    What have people been paying for the 1000's?

    What color do you all prefer?


  2. Unless you want a real bike then you should deffenitly go with the GSXR 1000:)

    If your going to buy new. I usualy don't agel on the price of the bike but I do make the throw in at least a helmet gloves and such. Don't pay for freight and set up sticker price and tax then go for the freebees.

    As far as color it's not about what other riders prefer it what you want. But if your going to buy it for me I will take blue.
  3. I paid less than 11 out the door and blue and white.

    If I had to do it again I would have put a pipe and wheels on my 04 R1 instead...much better quality and a better all around bike...even if it is just a tad weaker in the motor dept.

    If you are at all inexperienced I would say the R1 or the CBR are the way to go. I have put thousands of miles on my R1 and hundreds on my brothers CBR. I have only put about 300 on the GSXR...fricking rain!!!
  4. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    the man knows his stuff. Buy an R1. :D
  5. I've heard Travis will sell you a new 05 Gixxer1000 for less than 10,000 before taxes.
  6. 954rr

    954rr Thumper

  7. I agree buy a honds and get yellow :lol:
  8. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Less than $11K...Where did you buy it?

    I ride an '02 gixxer 600 and really like it. So I figure the new 1000 is the way for me to go.