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Best road in Oregon/N. Cali?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by 1badhusky, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. I'm taking a couple of weeks in Aug off and hitting the road w/ my daytona in tow for a bunch of camping and riding.

    I'm looking for epic roads. I've ridden and am planning to ride again rt. 53 over on the coast, and then the aufderhide down by oakridge. Not sure what else, so...

    What road would you say compares, or, is maybe even better than these two? Probably sticking to northern Cali and central, west and south oregon, not east.

    And if anyone is going to be down in Oakridge in mid Aug, hit me up w/ a PM and maybe we can ride.
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  2. CA 36. Best sportbike road on the planet. Also 299 and 96 and 3.

    M nephew who works for Butler Maps tells me that they have finished recon of northern CA and should be printing the map by the fall. He said i need to ride Rte. 3 next time I'm down there and that will be next week so i will.

  3. Interesting, I was looking at staying at the Whiskeytown lake/park and thinking CA299 to Eureka and then 36 back.

    Looked at 299 on street view and it seemed pretty heavy traffic and gentle sweepers, so wasn't too excited. Is it better than I thought, or should I take 36 there and back?
  4. Give HWY66 from Ashland to Klamath Falls a glance. I've never ridden any of the other roads listed in this thread, but 66 still gives me wood when I think about it. And I rode it on a fully loaded klr.
  5. 299 is a good road, 3 things though. 1 traffic... Much more traffic than 36 2 cops... More traffic = more cops. 3. Currently they are doing some construction on it apparently.

    That being said, it is a beautiful road. Good surface, nice scenery etc... 299 past the 3 cutoff is basically sweepers with a couple tight corners as you drop down by whiskytown.

    Ya have a few choices imho... The famous twisty next 140 miles is as the beginning of 36 in red bluff. Looking at an hour to get there from platina. Nothin special ride wise, but if you want the photo op there it is. Although, if you do happen to go get the shot, at the top of the grade just past platina, on the left is a road to Redding. Can't remember the name, but he locals call it ditch grade. It's got like 5 miles of some fun stuff.

    Leaving from whiskytown, I'd head west, take 3 to wildwood rd. Just before hayfork. Head south on there. This ties in with 36 right before the fun part of the road. Fuel up there, and grab a burger at the wildwood store. It's at the intersection of the 2 roads. Then head west on 36, make sure you have enough time to go back through a couple times since it is THAT awesome. There is a good break spot in forest glen at Hells gate campground with some good swimming to cool off. Continue west on 36. At the bottom of south fork mountain, there is an octagonal church, then you cross a bridge. Just past there is "mad river" there is a small trailer looking really ghetto, but has some of the best milk shakes I've ever had.
    Keep going west and you can get gas in dinsmore about 8 miles down the rd. Finish the loop on 299 if ya want, or.back 36.
  6. Eastern Oregon has some of the best unpopulated roads in the country!! Hwy 207, 218, County road 20, Dooley Mountain, Forest service road 52, Anthony Lakes and lots more!! I've ridden the roads in Cali and they are awesome, but always found them to have way to much traffic.
  7. Btw... Rule of thumb for 36, if there is a cut bank, its gonna be a tight corner.
  8. All of the above plus HWY 1 from Leggett to Fort Bragg. It's got it all; tight twisties through the trees, open sweepers, ocean views..............................spectacular!!
  9. +1

    The road from Hwy199 to Happy Camp/Hwy 96 is fun too!
  10. hwy 1 is sick i drove down it in april love the veiw
  11. Well yeah, I thought Hwy 1 was a given. The section from Leggett over to the coast is especially awesome. There's something almost zen-like about riding through there. The first time I was there I turned around at the coast and rode back to Leggett. I did the same thing the third, fourth and sixth times too. WTF is wrong with you people that you have to keep going the same direction the whole trip?
  12. Hey Firedad, Skaggs springs rd from hwy 1 to Lake this road a good cut through from the coast? Don't know the roads at all but looks good on the map :)
    Trying to do some routing for our return from Leguna.
  13. Skaggs is ok, eastern part has good pavement, most of the way to the coast its goat. Very popular road with the ricky racer wanna be's on the weekend.

    I've ridden them all multiple times, but my vote goes to stringing 49 into 108 over the sierra's.
  14. Pjohn... Don't know about the roads that far south. Totally deferring on that one to wsmc lol
  15. +1

  16. Sweetness. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll try to hit all these up and post up some pics and ride reports.
  17. The eastern section is wonderful but highly patrolled - the locals call it Skaggs Springs Speedway. It's fun to ride through and spot all the plastic bits outside the corners. The western section is .... Interesting. It's pretty rough in places but it's not so bad you should be afraid of it.
  18. I should follow up on my previous comment. We discovered Skaggs Springs when we were going south on 1 intending to go all the way to the city when we got too frigging cold to continue. THIS WAS IN AUGUST! Take your jacket liner or whatever - it can be damn cold on the coast even at this time of year.
  19. +1. I did Santa Cruz to Coos Bay up the coast one day last summer, was cold and foggy until 1 went into the redwoods.

    Actually, didn't hit 1 until Skaggs, south of that till SF on 1 is nice but takes too long.
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