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Bike Gear and places in Seattle

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by pmoy, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. So I'm knew to the bike world but so far it's been perfection. So far I only have a helmet and a leather jacket I wear. I need some nice gloves and a cooler jacket. Does anyone have any equipment for sale? I'm 6'0 and about 180 lbs. I'm looking for mostly black equipment.

    Also...where are the popular locations.

  2. for a local place. cycle gear. they are in Auburn of 15th and Auburn way.
  3. ebay is always a great place too, as well as the above mentioned
  4. goto places to try stuff on and see what you like and what fits...

    then go the ebay route knowing exactly what you want, and save some money.
  5. +1 try it on first-jackets fit different depending on the cut-
  6. in addition to cycle gear, most of the shops have a good selection - depending on where you live you could try Cycle Barn (north) Kinshaws (south ) and if you want to go broke but buy the best Ducati Seattle at Lake Union - Aurora Suzuki is good too and Ride West BMW on Lake City Way - you could easily spend a day a week shopping for gear - there are many other places as well that you can buy gear at many prices - buy the best you can afford as it's like everything else - I have a set of Vanson leathers that I've owned for 15 years and they are still very servicable and wearable - when the begin to look to worn I send them back to Vanson and they repair them for a nominal charge- so buy good quality and you'll be glad you did especially with the weather in Seattle - you'll need gear that can get wet and keep you dry too -

    Have fun

  7. Djoplin

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    A few more places in the seattle area, I-90 Motorsports, RMC (i guess), There are also two shops down East Valley (central) in Kent cannot remember the names of them, Bent bike (east valley, AKA auburn way No.) So of kent , one just across the street form there. Cycle gear is about 1mi so of those 2 just past 15th on auburn way. Plenty of places to look.
  8. If you ride year around, you will definitely need two seasons worth of gear. A good luggage system is also nice, as it seems like every trip in the PNW requires 2-3 seasons of riding gear no matter what time of the year you leave home.
  9. Jafar

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    Seattle Cycle Center is pretty good, out on Aurora.
  10. If any one stops into cycle gear ask for Jeff he is a member of the forum and has a Ducati 748s hes a great guy and knows his shit.
  11. A good place to look for riding gear is the annual motorcycle show in Seattle in late November-early December. All of the local stores have booths there and many major and minor apparel brands also have displays.