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Bike Night Kick Off Party @ Rock The Dock 21 June

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by SkiPunk11, Jun 18, 2012.


    It's official. June 21st is the first day of summer! Spend your summer behind bars! Either plated in blinding chrome or full of your favorite rowdy people! We're kicking off a huge show with our friends at American Motorcycle! Live music, local vendors, and tons of eye candy! Our June 21st kickoff will benefit B.A.S.H. Bikers Against Statewide Hunger. Meet the staff and find out how you can help needy families in your community. Rock The Dock will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the event, so come thirsty!
  2. anyone else interested in going ?

  3. I'll be there, traditionally tho this is a "cruiser" majority thing. LOTS of Harley's. :)
  4. I went last year and there was about 10 sportbikes. I just didnt want to be the only one I know there
  5. Well count me in to be around for a little bit, I live maybe ten minutes away.
  6. I work that day or I'd be down to go. It would be nice to have some sport bikes show up at events like this.
  7. I'll be there. I work pretty close to there, so just head there after work.
  8. I'll go, wanna meet somewhere before hand and ride together to this shin dig?
    I get off at 12pm that day.
  9. Ill be going if anyone wants to ride togather
  10. ill b there to i might even bring ..... the short one lmao....
  11. ahhh duuuhhhh u ll know me to .......:devil:
  12. Leaving in about 20 mins :)
  13. [​IMG]


    All, pretty funny pictures. GoPro win!
  14. crackup: Oh my goodness, I was laughing my ass off at the pic of me and Koyi! We look like we are trying to catch flies!!!
  15. Probably close to 7:30pm sometime
  16. Nice pics Allen geeez. Yeah mostly Harley crowd...but the food was good. Good seeing everyone.
  17. yea I had fun. and Nice meeting everyone
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