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Bike Night @ RTD on Thursday (7/26) - 7pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by fishrscary, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    This is just a normal "Bike Night" - not an event. However, at the event, I asked the PNWRiders that were there, if they would come to a normal "bike night" at RTD, and everyone said "yes".

    It's a great venue and it'll be where the Bikers Rally Against Road Rage (a REAL event to support Squirrel that got hit and run due to road rage).

    I was thinking if you guys wanted to meet and have dinner, and shoot the sh*t, I can reserve us a table.

    Rock The Dock
    535 Dock Street
    Tacoma, WA 98402
    Phone: (253) 272-5004

    Hope to see you there!! :mfclap:

    - Peggy
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  2. maybe, was setting up a Bike night as this was posted....guess I'll nix it now....
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  3. u buying lol

  4. I plan on being there.The weather is supposed to be nice.
  5. Woo hoo! With Yolanda?! :nana

    I really need to change my signature so that it says that I use too many exclamation marks!

    Well, I write like I talk, so since I'm Asian, I have to put !!! at the end of everything. Otherwise, how can you make people think that you're yelling, when you're really not?

    See you on Thursday!
  6. Thursdays are bad for me, have my daughters baseball practice on Thursdays.
  7. I see its 7:00 not 6:00.I am coming up but it will be a short one for me.
  8. yes... yes Yolanda will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nana
  9. I might be able to show for this... Just posted a ride I'm gonna take that day from Seattle around Rainier and will be near Tacoma about that time.. Might have to adjust ride time a bit.. (take a few more pics along the way and such)

    This would be a great way to end a long day of riding... Gonna cross link this....
  10. ooooo.... Yolanda is gonna have a nice new wind screen for tmrw :mfclap::devil:
  11. Awesome! if you want to come earlier to have dinner and socialize, I'll probably be there about 6:30pm.

    Since you're coming from work, will you have a backpack or something in which you can bring your trophy home? Gwen's office is more like a storage closet, and it's really cramped in there (if it stays in there too long, it'll get lost in the mayhem). If you want, I can hold on to it for you if you can't carry it home.

    See you tomorrow!
  12. I am coming from home.I am off that day and yes I will bring a backpack.Gwen has paid special attention to that trophy for some reason.Shes a cool gal for sure.
  13. Is this place kid friendly or only 21+?
  14. its 21+ but there is outside seating
  15. from Gwen:

    "Do you mean the dock out front? If so, absolutely! Huge park at the other end of the building and I've never had so much fun fishing with my kids down on the water! We also have outdoor, family friendly seating in the summer so you can get some great food while you're wandering and still be able to sit and eat!"
  16. Thank you Marty. Emily wanted to ride with me. We'll see if she still wants to come by tomorrow evening. :mrgreen:
  17. I might try to drop by.
    I'll be in town sometime tomorrow. Going to take the long way around. Sort of South East kind of a winding way.:evil4:

    If I make it, I'll try to drag a buddy along on his Harley thing.:roll:

    If it's too late for him (he's up at 3am to work) then just me.
    Don't know anyone from down south, so I'll be the misfit yet again.:thefinge:
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