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bike night tonight? Lakewood Red Robin 7pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. On gravelly lake dr. Who's interested?
  2. Cant make it tonight.....sunday?
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  3. im hungry i think i might be game.... lisa let me know if u are still doing it,
  4. This is on like donkey kong. I'm craving a good sammich from there . Yum !:mrgreen:
  5. you really have bad timing...
  6. just down the street from me. suppost to go to the tacoma comedy club tonight. if our plans change ill stop by.
  7. your a day late
  8. I didnt ride in this morning.
  9. Hey it's either a couple of days notice or it a couple of hours notice, same amount of people show so what does it matter? :roll:
  10. HUH ??

    I would have came if I had notice I was all around north Seattle and at Slices eating when I heard from Justin. When I ride I dont sit around looking at the phone/internet. text from you...."I'll text you next time.."
  11. I was at work when I posted up. I didn't text anybody.
  12. so are we having one tonight too?
  13. Not to thread jack - But...

    That Red Robin was NOT on ILLEGAL Gravelly Lake Drive...
    Hate to see anyone go down.
    BwaaHaHa (to quote Rippin)
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