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Bike Week

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by RadarLovinDj, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Hey yall I'm wanting to go to Bike Week this March 4-13 ( official bike week dates) and I'm wondering who wants to go? We can all kick down for gas and hotel. and my brother lives in savannah GA ( 3hrs from daytona doing the speed limit) so whos down ? email me or post here.....
    also I do have an enclosed trailer that holds 4 sleds or 4+ bikes and I have room for 6 people (21+ please)
    AKA Dj Vick Vegas
  2. Give us more details and I'll post it in the Announcement section.

  3. i think daytona happend allready
  4. El_Chihuahua

    El_Chihuahua little dog big attitude

    gin did you bump this on's from 2004?
  5. El_Chihuahua

    El_Chihuahua little dog big attitude

    this link should give you more info on the different rides going on in the different areas, this link covers Idaho/eastern washington but they have info for all over the US
  6. I know... I think it was a few weeks ago
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