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Bikini Bike Wash

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by IheartGIXXERS, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Full Tilt Riders MC
    9th Annual bikini bike wash and car show.
    When: August 11th. Noon to 5pm.
    Where: Club Zoo in Vancouver. 9310 NE 76th st. 98662
    What: There will be a 50/50 raffle, live music, bounce house for kids, car show, bike show, stunt show, vendors, and ALL bikes are welcome. This is a kid friendly event so bring the whole family. The stunts will be preformed in an enclosed area for safety. Come enjoy some sun and music and get your dirty bike washed.
  2. Sweet, that's just a few mins from my house. Will def stop by to check it out. Thanks for the info.

  3. Happy to support FTR. You guys do good things.
  4. In fact... For anyone who doesnt know FULL TILT RIDERS, look them up. They have a lot of vets in their orginization and do work in the comunity that translates into positive public image for sport riders.
    like i said, good stuff, help em out!
  5. sunny day, you will see scooters. :)
  6. Feels like Ive been waiting forever for that time of year!
  7. sounds like fun. Ill be heading down from olympia probably bring some fellow bikers with!
  8. Fixed that for ya
  9. Really looking foward to this event. Hoping there will be a big turnout as this is my first year participating in the event. Spread the word and we will be passing out some flyers at the coffee night events around town and wherever else we have the opportunity.
  10. As we get confirmation of vendors I will add them to the list.

    So far we have Icon....and some others but i gotta look them up at home. :banghead:
  11. Looking forward to helping host this event. Although, I am sure I will have zero time to enjoy it LOL.
  12. Repo Me looks like ya crossed over just in time...

    Ok so this event is seriously going to be epic so come out and get your bike washed by a hottie in a bikini, enjoy some pros stunting in the parking lot(yes we have safety fencing) and just all around good times...good people, nice bikes, some vendors, cars welcome too...
  13. Sounds fun, I'll go! The ninja could use a bath.
  14. I did.... So you all dont have to worry about seeing my big butt in a bikini! :mfclap: Thank goodness!!! Just sayin LOL
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