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Blue licence plate lights legal?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Ritz, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I lit my plate with 2 blue leds recently. I was wondering if theres a law that the light for the plate needs to be white. It didnt have any light when I got the bike so I put those on. I dont want to give the cops any reason to pull me over.

  2. yes they are illgal... but not many cops will say much unless you piss them off

  3. They will get you hard in Idaho. Anything with blue lights and anything with red lights in the front. (it implies your an emergency vehicle)
  4. definately illigal,

    no blue lights on any non LEO vehicles on the street
  5. Blue and red are not good choices for lights on vehicles, unless you want to meet someone with bigger blue and red lights flashing on theirs...

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    They prefer a little exclusivity in that particular club...
  7. especially gonna get their attention since all the bike cops down my way on the ST1300's have a pair of bright blue LED running lights on each side of their tag.
  8. What color is your tail light?

    Red lights are okay as long as they aren't forward facing. Blue lights are never okay. So, if you put red lights on your license plate you will be fine.
  9. Anything with blue is a no-go. Only emergency vehicles can have blue lights. I don't think you will get harassed to badly though??? I should heed my own statement, because I have blue lights that are on my tires....I guess I should start thinking about taking them off.:nana
  10. Yep BIG ticket in Oregon.... Pretty sure all states....
  11. you "Can" however have the "Blue dot lense" thingys in your tail lights (if your vehicle is over 40 years old or a motorcycle)


    Title 46.37 in the RCW (Revised Code Of Washington) states the legality of vehicle lighting and other equipment.

  12. the real answer to the origional question

  13. thanks guys.....I'll get it changed this weekend.
  14. The real question to ask yourself is, :scratchea how much attention do you really want?
  15. I put some of these on my bike (live in portland Oregon) and have had zero problems.
    They take the place of the Lic. Plate bolts and shine down onto the plate, lights it up pretty good too! And they are white light.

    $17.99 Item #KU-9199
  16. I want ZERO..thats why i asked. Im a noob to all this, this is my first real decent street bike. when i bought the lights i didnt know they were blue. I wasnt tryin to be all colorful about it, i just knew that i needed a light on the plate, and there wasnt one on the bike when i bought it.

    thanks for the link recr8ton
  17. Just have a switch so you can turn your blue lights on and off. I mean then you can blend at the coffee shop like the westsiders. (I kid I kid, we all know you guys have green lights.)
  18. RCW 46.37.100
    Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps, and reflectors.

    (1) Front clearance lamps and those marker lamps and reflectors mounted on the front or on the side near the front of a vehicle shall display or reflect an amber color.
    (2) Rear clearance lamps and those marker lamps and reflectors mounted on the rear or on the sides near the rear of a vehicle shall display or reflect a red color.
    (3) All lighting devices and reflectors mounted on the rear of any vehicle shall display or reflect a red color, except the stop lamp or other signal device, which may be red, amber, or yellow, and except that on any vehicle forty or more years old, or on any motorcycle regardless of age, the taillight may also contain a blue or purple insert of not more than one inch in diameter, and except that the light illuminating the license plate shall be white and the light emitted by a backup lamp shall be white or amber. However, for commercial motor vehicles defined in RCW 46.32.005, stop lamps must be red and other signal devices must be red or amber.
  19. what in the name of 12 year old thread bumps is this