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Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by oneshot, May 29, 2005.

  1. Looking to find some people to ride with here in Bremerton. I just moved here from Alaska and so far it's quite diffrent but me and the family are starting to like it allot. I drive The Big Orange One a 2003 ZX750, I pretty much stand out like a whore in church so i am easy to spot. Hope to meet some people to ride with here soon
  2. We're in the Olympia area, and weekends are usually open for rides if it's dry. I might be able to do weekday solo runs too.. 101 and alternate roads are very nice runs!

    My e-mail is and I'm Steve

  3. Glad to see another Kawi! Welcome to the board oneshot, glad to have ya. Pass the word along to fellow riders in your area. We have a few riders in the Port Orchard area which is right near ya as well as on Bainbridge Island.
  4. Welcome Onseshot!
    I live in Issaquah, but commute to Port Orchard M-F. Usually off by 3:30 and am open often. Also willing to go that way on the weekend. It's closer than Spokane or Pullman (where most others on here are from) and the rides in the area are great. Let me know if you want to hook up or just want some ideas for rides.
    Again, welcome.
  5. I'm just next door in Silverdale, will have to meet up and ride some time
  6. Just down the road from ya in Gig Harbor.
  7. Well, that's enough for a group. When we ridin?
  8. When are we seeing dry roads again?
  9. Well, here's the weather service wild guess site of choice:,+WA

    Looks like Saturday may be clear.. keep an eye on that site for changing news. Also realize that the report can change day by day as we get closer to a specific date, less chance of error then.

    I also have several communications radios that have handy national weather service channels.. I am now selling them (Motorolas) and they are suprisingly inexpensive and handy for all kinds of outdoor use and for biking too. The ones I just bought for us personally are 5 mile radios, very compact, have Ni cad battery packs and a charger with the set, and can use AA batteries as alternate. They also have transmission scrambling and numerous channels. I was surprised at how simple they are. Ours are going everywhere with us !
  10. I know you're back from SanDiego now,

    get that bike out.

  11. Right here in Bremerton.
    Just waiting for a dry road and a weekend.
  12. Ahh... digging up old threads again?
  13. Every tuesday, barring snow or ice. Meet at Legend Harley & Buell in Silverdale. Come with a full tank of gas, kickstands up at 5:30 pm. Open to ALL brands, if it is wet and mucky then it is off to dual sport ride. Come down and join in the fun.
  14. yupper,

    great thing about working "graveyards"
    plenty of time to read old threads :nana