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Broken Clutch Cable in the Rain

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by taznhell, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. So started the day suiting up in rain gear for my daily 24 mile commute into work. As I exited a corner my clutch cable snapped and I was in 3rd gear. I continued riding in 3rd keeping the RPM at about 3K which was 40-45mph. Then of course here comes the stop sign I downshifted trying to get to nuetral but just could not quite make it and of course the bike dies. So having been down this road before on different bike I got off put the bike up on it's center stand started it got into first and when it was time to go rocked off the stand a little throttle and on my way again. Did not want to damage gears so decided to cruise at 30mph in 2nd gear. Of course I would go over to the side and wave any cars past. I had two stop signs where there was no traffic so I slowed way down and rolled through them. There was a car behind me no not a cop just a average cager. When we got to the light I managed to get to nuetral and hopped off and again center stand the bike so I could go without killing it when engaging the gears. So the cager rolls his window down as he pulled in the lane next to me and says "Wish I was a cop I would write you a ticket for going through those stop signs, You guys on bikes think you can break all the laws!" I said back "I wish you were a cop becuase you would understand that when a clutch cable breaks your bike will die if you stop." "Now dickhead why don't you worry about you and I will worry about me." He said "I should get out of this car and kick your ass!" I said "Please do I could use the money after the civil lawsuit for your road rage" Light changes he speeds off I mean like 60 in a 35 speeding off in the rain. I get going again and about 2 miles up the road courtesy of the Tualatin PD he is pulled over getting his citizen of the week award. That really made my morning seem not so bad after all. Now to call around to see if anyone has the part in stock. I am thinking a Honda clutch cable is probably universal to fit like 100 different bike. Fingers crossed and rant/story time over.
  2. :mfclap:
    That's a great story.

  3. Damn, long story.... But worth the read....:mrgreen:
  4. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    What kinda Honda? I have a cable for a mid 80's Viffer at home. New in the package.
  5. Having broken a clutch cable or two (and it's never convenient, is it?), I got some great advice a couple of years ago. Buy a spare and ziptie it to the existing one. Keeps it out of the way, and you have the spare always with you.
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  6. good advice for clutch and throttle
    remember to lube first then ziptie.

    where did the cable break?
    if right at the end you can replace the end nub and keep on going.
  7. Great way to start the weekend, I hope you smiled and waved at the guy!
  8. You sir are my hero and you got my rep! :mfclap:
  9. Finally a biker gets a happy ending!
  10. It is a 99 Nighthawk. Great advice on the cable actually could store under the seat.
  11. I honked and waved :evil4:
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  12. I'd rep if I could :mfclap:
  13. It broke at the end but also frayed quite a bit about 83,000 on the bike so no complaints.
  14. Got him
  15. Me too
  16. Never though about how I would handle a clutch cable breaking amid ride. not to mention in traffic situation at speed with cars around. Thanks for giving me something to think about. Wow. thats actually a scary though. Looks like clutch cables will get checked and changed on time if not a lil early!! Thanks Bro. glad you made out safe on that one!
  17. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Rep worthy, there really is a God. PS Been in similar situations and when unable to run the light/stop sign. Started the engine pushed the bike as fast as possible and snick-ed it into first. If the throttle is manipulated carefully you can up shift and down shift with relative ease. I never ever use a clutch when running my bike at WOT anyway...AJ

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  18. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    One last thought there are lube's (I use PROTECT ALL) Usually unless a cable has been kinked the break will occur at the handlebar or where the cable actuates the clutch on the transmission. Keeping in mind I'm referring to street ridden bikes, not dirt bikes...AJ
  19. I have a cable lube kit I use at least once a year. The cable was not rusted or dry guess it just got tired. It broke right at the nub but frayed enough to need replaced. Good news found one on Ebay he is near Portland said it will be in the mail today Expesss Mail so should see either Saturday or Monday. I guess I will have to ride my other bike till it gets here :)
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