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Bronze Bike Rally

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by GeezrRider, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Heading down to Joseph early Sat morning - around 7:00 if anyone else is planning on attending and wants to join me in a cool ride.
  2. My favorite local rally, have only missed one year (out of all five lol). I may head down around then.

  3. Hrm... Might do it as a day trip.
  4. Cool. Meet at Asotin Market and depart at 7:30
  5. We won't be able to leave til 8:30 or so, see you at Joseph. Has ANYONE been down the Rattlesnake in the last couple days? We're hearing there was fresh chipseal put down in last couple days, starting near Field Springs SP, on down halfway to where they stopped a couple weeks ago. Any updates on the condition would be appreciated...
  6. Stick, I don't doubt what you say about the fresh work. No doubt it will be a somewhat sedate trip down from Field's Spring. If the other guys don't show early, I'll wait for you.
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