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Buell talk...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Matin99, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Is anyone interested in Buell talk...please post up here.

    Thanks. Buell Man.
  2. I want a Buell, but would really like to ride one first.

  3. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    If i had one, I would take care of her so the tranny didn't lock up on me... :mrgreen:
  4. Beans. You can ride mine in trade for a ride on yours?

    Shwaa your my Bud are you still upset about the head lock I got you in the other night. Im sorry not, toughin-up, man. :mrgreen:

    Buell Man.
  5. I didnt know the Buell had a tranny? Are you trying to pull the wool blanket over my eyes?
  6. Thats right, gearbox!

    Buell Man.
  7. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i'm interested in the buells that compete in formula extreme. i hear they are air-cooled 12's. pretty unique and cool, if you ask me. i'm sure they do away with those crazy buel rotors and drive-belts.
  8. You want Buell talk? Like what? I have one of the last Sportster engined Buells - an '01 X1 with more than a few go-fast mods. I rode an XB 1200 when they first came out, but couldn't bring myself to parting with my X1. The XB has a litle more on both the bottom and the top end than my X1, but the Lightning kicks ass in the mid range. True, its not very fast (120+), but its ungodly quick, handles like its on rails and sounds like nothing else on the road. Thats one more thing about the XB that I didn't like as much as my X1 - the XB gets its power from that computer-controlled pipe, and it works wonders with that engine, but it sounds way too civilized. I'll probably keep the X1 forever and just keep adding to my collection when Kenny Dreer finally gets the 950 Commando out the door.
    Any Buellies out there looking to terrorize the Palouse some weekend, give me a shout. The back way to the Dvorshak reservoir and the lolo pass highway are particularly fun on a hooligan machine.
  9. Rotor. I totally agree the top speed on my bike is about 140mph. It would be nice if I could change the sprockets so I could ride in the 160mph range. The stock exhaust has been replaced be a TiForce race system. Sounds a little better. Maybe if the heads were ported combined with different cams would change the sound, louder?

    Anyways as soon as my bike is road ready I'll hit you up. Are you a member of BRAG.

    In high Reguards. Matin.
  10. Hi Matin! Yes, I'm a member of BRAG. It came free with the bike, but I went ahead and re-upped when it ran out. Been on a couple of great rides with the Buellies from Canada - Rippin' up the Rockies in '03 was real fun and the BRAG hospitality tent at Laguna Seca was well worth the cash last year. I'm going to the Moto GP at Laguna this year and got in on their hospitality tent deal this time too. Its a package deal that includes tickets for all three days, pit passes, secure parking for your bike and stuff, food, drinks (non-alcoholic), shaded tables & chairs and your own closed circuit TV link. Well worth the $175. are you going?
    Chuck Booth

    P.S. Your XB sounds kickin'!!
  11. Go test ride a Buell, you'll get a free sling bag until the end of the month (Only at participating dealers).
  12. Rotor. I have yet to attend one of these excellent gatherings. I know Buell treats their customers like family and I would like to attend a track day amoung other events. Lately I've been receiving many grants and schalorships for spiritual studies, so I'll be flying all over the west coast or riding. Buell has my high reguards, through out the years I've owned many different brands of bikes and I would have to say Buell by far is the most interesting. I love the fact Eric Buell was a road racer and passoinate bike inovator and designer whom does well. Which is kinda funny, because when I was searching for mod parts for my XB there was a gentleman that said to me "its not how much peak horspower you have but how well the bike performs." I hadnt really grasped this conscept intel I was riding up a grade with some twisties in it when suddenly a sport bike screamed by. I almost fell off my bike because of shreaking sounds coming from sport bikes exhaust. The sound alone nearly intimidated me enough not to challenge him. I went for him anyway. I shifted down to fourth and cruzed up into 100ish around the corners intel I had came up behind the unexpecting rider. So to make things fair I let him see me before passing him. When he seen he was being fallowed he shifted down and the shreaking sound started again but he wasnt pulling away. I was astonished because my bike was in top gear and I was gaining on him. His bike sounded like he was nearly bouncing off the rev limiter while I was enjoying my causual ride. After that I have ridden with other bikes that have built up reputations and so far I've been disapointed. I lost respect tords the motorcycle magazines. Sometimes I think someone slips them some cash for a little incentive to produce a desired need from the public. Jackasses...where are the unbiased attitudes. Anyways these Buells are phenominal thanks to Eric as other bikes are.

  13. :werd Give me a fast rider on a slow bike over a slow rider on a fast bike anytime. Remember, those magazine writers ride for a living and have a completely different perspective than us street riders. I personally still like Cycle World because Kevin Cameron (gearhead) still writes for them, but my favorite is Motorcycle Consumer News. They don't acept any advertising and tell it like it is. :lol:
  14. Roto.

    Thanks. I'll check it out.